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US brings Europe to Brink of War over Ukraine – Intentionally

nsnbc : The situation in Ukraine continues escalating. A military operation against pro-reform protesters in southeastern Ukraine, launched by Kiev, is tearing the country apart and forced Russia’s move to heighten security at its border. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, threatens that “the window to change course is closing” while additional troops are deployed to Lithuania. Using discredited “evidence” prompts some observers to doubt Kerry’s “wisdom”. Don’t, said a German analyst who reiterates that the US is systematically pushing Europe into a crisis for which the US has planned for decades.

kerry syriaThursday, US Secretary of State, John Kerry, issued a stark warning addressed to Moscow, saying that Russia must act immediately to help de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine or face more sanctions.

The statement came after the post-coup government in Kiev had launched what it describes as “phase two” of its “security operation” in southeastern Ukraine, using the country’s military against civilians, resulting in at least five dead and scores of injured.

Referring to photos which have proven to be have been taken in Russia at an earlier date, as “proof” that Russia has deployed spies and troops among the “separatists” in southeastern Ukraine, the US Secretary of State said:

“The window to change course is closing. The world will make sure that the cost for Russia will only grow. … What is happening in eastern Ukraine is a military operation that is well-planned and organized. If Russia continues in this direction it will be a grave mistake, it will be an expensive mistake”.

Click on map to enlarge.

Click on map to enlarge.

Meanwhile, additional US troops have arrived in Lithuania to participate in military drills, while Moscow reiterated its concern over NATO buildup of troops in eastern Europe and the Black Sea. On Saturday, 150 US troops arrived at the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Siailiai, with Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaite welcoming the deployment, saying

“We know in this situation who our real friends are who are coming to help. .. If any of our guests are injured, this would mean an open confrontation not with Lithuania but with the United States”.

The 150 US troops are part of a contingent of 600 US troops which have been deployed in eastern European countries as a token to reassure the United States’ NATO allies. Other detachments arrived on Wednesday, in Poland, and on Friday, in Latvia. Another detachment is expected in Estonia, on Monday.

It is worth noting that all of the above mentioned countries are nations, to which the US promised not to deploy any NATO troops as part of the arrangements made for the reunification of Germany.

The US Department of Defense sent a clear message to stress that the so-called “drills” are more than mere exercise, stating that:

“they are a message to Moscow, exactly the same message that we take our obligations very, very seriously on the European continent”.

Meanwhile, Moscow rejects claims about Russian involvement in Ukraine, including claims made by Kiev that Russian jets had violated Ukrainian air space seven times. While that claim had to be retracted, the US, EU, and Kiev maintain their claims about Russian “troops, spies, gunmen” etc.. in Ukraine. Moscow responded saying “its the US that is running the show”. The Russian Defense Ministry quoted General Valery Gerasimov, who spoke with his US counterpart on Friday, said:

“Our concern is caused by an increase of US air force and military personnel in the Baltic, Poland, and also the Alliance’s ships in the Black Sea”.

nsnbc file image.

nsnbc file image.

Moscow also reiterated its concern over the movements of Ukrainian troops and their deployment against civilians in so-called anti-terror operations. Russia’s Defense Minister Sergey Shogiu said that Kiev had deployed 11,000 Ukrainian troops, 160 tanks, 230 armored personnel carriers and at least 150 artillery pieces to southeastern Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Minister underlined the gravity of the amassing of Ukrainian troops near the Russian border, saying that Russia is forced to respond to the buildup by beginning military drills.

Iran - Iraq - Syria pipeline. Click on image to enlarge.

Iran – Iraq – Syria pipeline. Click on image to enlarge.

US/UK plan long-term low-intensity war that could turn hot due to either accident or incompetence. While some analysts have speculated about the wisdom of US Secretary of State John Kerry because he used photos which have been officially proven to be old photos from Russia to “reiterate” his claims that Russian troops were in Ukraine, German analyst and nsnbc editor Christof Lehmann said:

“I have pointed to problems in that regard too, but it is not insanity in the sense that the US Secretary of State and the Obama administration is not acutely aware of what they are doing. … I have forecast this crisis in Ukraine in 2012, as a logic consequence of the lack of convergence in energy security needs between the US, Israel, the UK, Qatar and Turkey on one hand, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic on the other, and Russia, Iran, Iraq and Syria as the third party, with Ukraine as the US instrument to drive a wedge between Russia and Russia-friendly EU members”.

Lehmann continued, stressing that the development in Ukraine became unavoidable after the European Union adopted the Third EU Energy Package, saying:

“From there on a crisis in Ukraine was as predictable as a clockwork, and it was clear that it would be the US and UK who would mastermind and supervise it”.

He added, that he was aware of that the situation would develop into a severe crisis, referring to a confidential conversation he had with a top-European NATO admiral during the 1980, who confided to him that US colleagues at the Pentagon had told him that the US and UK would not hesitate to start a conflict in Europe should the situation arise that relations between eastern and western Europe threatened the dominance of the London – Washington axis over western Europe. Asked if he believed that the US/UK were planning for a conflict in terms of a war in Europe and about the risk for a war, Lehmann said, that…

“… nobody is planning a conventional military confrontation. As I wrote in my article in response to statements by Dr. Kissinger about Ukraine. The intention is to develop a long-term, low-intensity conflict in Ukraine that sabotages relations between the EU and Moscow, and futhers the enciclement of Russia with low-intensity conflicts”.

With regard to the risk of a conventional or nuclear war, Lehmann added:

“I’m afraid that the risk for a conventional war is rather high, even though nobody ´really`wants it. The problem is that the current situation invites a Sarayevo-like scenario, equal to the one that started World War I. …. One single shot, fired by a´Black Hand`, and the powder keg can explode. …  Let me quote my Pakistani friend, Major (ret) Agha H. Amin, who said that ´most western leaders today dress up in pilot’s uniforms while they hardly have the qualifications of a purser or air steward`. That, is of course the most dangerous part of the entire affair”.

F/aK – nsnbc 25.04.2014

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  1. John says:

    As a British national, I do not believe the UK is in any position to launch military actions in the vicinity of the Ukraine, let alone anywhere else. This is the US and NATO generally involved in this, possibly with some of the EU countries. The UK is a very minor partner in any of this. Putin, Lavrov and Russia could easily sort this nonsense out by declaring they too are looking at sanctions against the US and any other countries siding with them. One simple way to do this would be to demand that all payments to Russia for any of their exports must be made in roubles and that the US dollar is not acceptable.Before doing so, of course, they might want to let China and any other countries with large US dollar holdings know what they intend to do. After that, the US dollar would crumble and die. Then the silly US bluster would also die away too.

    • Steven Jones says:

      John. What about reading the article to the end before you comment. Could have spared you for lots of unnecessary writing. The point of the article is the we are talking about 4th generation warfare. No projection of conventional military force in greater numbers is required.. its not even planned. The UK a minor partner? The issue is a US/UK axis that is messing up Europe – minor partner or not is second priority. The rest… would be useful in another context. Thanks.

      • Ian D says:

        Actually all of both your comments are valid and very necessary, as war and world affairs aren’t just for the “leaders” to worry about. Not when woman and children die everyday of drone strikes, or peaceful protesters around the globe are being mortally beaten, tazed, sprayed, etc. Both of you keep it up, see it all as a whole, be keen and stay vigilant minded!

  2. timothy price says:

    The analysis of the situation put justice on the side of the Eastern Ukraine and Russia. Brains like Kerry are clearly no match for President Putin. This will likely proceed to unseat the EU and the USA. This is seen by many as the “silver lining”.

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