Published On: Mon, Mar 31st, 2014

New Zealand: Hamilton Council Makes Astounding U-Turn in Fluoridation Dispute

Hamilton residents thought they had seen it all and flip-flopping Council members are no novelty – but a complete U-Turn?

nsnbcThe fluoridation dispute in Hamilton, has taken yet another unexpected turn when Hamilton Council decided 9 – 1 for fluoridating the water supply, thus contradicting its own, previous arguments against fluoridation. Hamilton council residents have gotten used to council member’s flip-flopping, but a complete U-Turn is a novelty.

Hamilton residents have gotten used to Council member's flip-flopping, but a U-Turn is a novelty.

Hamilton residents have gotten used to Council member’s flip-flopping, but a  complete  U-Turn is a novelty.

Fluoride Free Hamilton (FFH) campaign co-ordinator Pat McNair is shocked over the council’s 9 – 1 decision to re-fluoridate Hamilton’s water supply. In an FFH press release, McNair addressed the council’s self-contradiction, saying:

 “The Hamilton City Council has now made a complete mockery of its own tribunal process, which was so well conducted last year At the time of the tribunal, the Council did not just vote fluoride out, but it published its findings and its main reasons in the free City News flyer which was posted to every household in Hamilton in June 2013″.

In the information the council distributed to each household, it justified its previous decision, stating that:

- Toothpaste is much more effective than fluoridation of water supplies.

- 99% of household water goes down the drain.

- Communities around the world are rejecting it – most of Europe does not fluoridate.

- There is strong evidence that fluoride should not be ingested at all by babies under six months old and bottle-fed babies are therefore at greater potential risk.

- While fluoridation may have some benefits for some, it isn’t good for everyone and fluoridation of the water supply affects personal choice.

- It is cheaper for people to get fluoride as needed, and in an effective manner, than it is for people to avoid it from the public water supply.

- There is statistical evidence that fluoridation potentially causes harm.”

Following Thurday’s council meeting, McNair challenged the council meeting to explain to her how they now proposed to tell the public that the reasons, now had become invalid and that the people now should disregard them. In the press release, McNair said:

“I see an analogy here – this is like a court finding a criminal guilty, based on damning evidence. Suddenly there is a huge public outcry lead by the media. Misinformation spreads like wildfire. The media publishes an opinion poll. The public is invited to decide – guilty or not. None of the evidence presented at the original trial is divulged to the public. The popular vote is overwhelmingly “not guilty” so the criminal is immediately released. … “Does our legal system work like this? Of course not – but this is just what has happened in Hamilton.”

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Hamilton residents have gotten as used to council member’s flip-flopping as people anywhere – but the complete U-Turn is a novelty.

Puzzling occurrences and events with regard to the fluoridation debate in Hamilton have otherwise become common.

One such puzzling event was the reversal of poll results. In December 2013, New Zealand’s Waikato Times was caught out reversing its online survey results about the Hamilton City Council’s previous decision, which then was to defer its fluoridation decision.

waikato_times_opinio-1The poll asked people if they supported the council’s decision to wait until the after the legal challenge which was then before the High Court.   68% of people said “yes” and only 32% said “no” but the Waikato Times misrepresented this as 68% saying “no” and 32% saying “yes”. When awake residents posted comments on the newspaper’s Facebook page to draw attention to the flaw, the comments were systematically deleted.

Another thing that may puzzle many is that the council’s decision came against the backdrop of the latest study by Harvard and Mount Sinai researchers Grandjean and Landrigan, who clearly placed fluoride among those industrial neuro-toxins which have a strong correlation to the epidemic rise in neuro-developmental disorders including autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

Ch/L – nsnbc 31.03.2014

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  1. madamegar says:

    WOW! Those are some real dumb Sh….. people!

  2. Arklight says:

    Follow the money – - fo-called ‘flouride’ isn’t free, nor even cheap, so who on the council is driving a new car, wearing new clothes, sporting high end bling? Follow the money.

  3. Glenn says:

    Makes me ashamed to be a New Zealander. The whole process was corrupted by the medical profession. They have definitely shown the true agenda with this.

  4. Sprung says:

    Wow, those Hamilton councillors are a bunch of sell outs. That newspaper is up to to no good too. Seriously makes you wonder WHO is behind this???

  5. chris says:

    It just shows you can fool some of the people, some of the time, but when they learn the facts from quality scientific papers and not the ravings of the anti fluoride groups, you cant fool all of the people all of the time So they say no that is all lies vote it in, and they did. And now they are crying foul, but it was ok when try were rubbishing the DHB and doing stupid stuff.And when people get sick of it the council are the idiots. Thats rich

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