Published On: Tue, Mar 25th, 2014

Ukraine: Pravy Sector Leader Muzychko Shot Dead

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nsnbc : The leader of the Ukrainian Pravy Sector, Alexander Muzychko, has been shot dead in western Ukraine tonight. Muzychko had attracted international attention for his overt threats and violence against elected officials and Pravy Sector’s ultra-nationalism, fascist ideology and anti-Semitism. Muzychko warned earlier that he could be killed by Ukraine’s Prosecutor General and Interior Minister. The First Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and police stated that he was shot while resisting arrest.

Photo via Twitter

Photo via Twitter

Muzuchko was killed in Rovno, western Ukraine. There are conflicting reports about his death, with some claiming that Muzychko was kidnapped, along with others and then murdered, others relating his death to a shootout at a local café. Alexand Doni, an MP of the Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament), wrote on his Facebook page that Muzuchko’s car was cut off by two other cars, adding:

He was dragged out and placed in one of those cars. Then he was thrown on the ground with his hands cuffed behind his back and (got) two shots in his heart”.

Pravy Sector member Yaroslav Granitny identified the body for, saying that he was sure that it was Muzuchko. His death has been announced in several Ukrainian media this morning.

Ukraine’s post-coup First Deputy Interior Minister, Vladimir Yevdokimov, stated at a press conference that that charges of hooliganism and obstructing law enforcement agencies had been filed against Muzychko March 8, and that he had been put on the Ukrainian police’s wanted list on 12 March.

Vladimir Yevdokimov claimed that an operation to arrest Muzychko in a village near Rovno was launched early today, 25 March. Muzychko and his three armed body guards were located in a restaurant called “The Three Cricians”, said Yevdomikov, adding that he was confronted by police there.

An assault team from the Sokol special police task force reportedly stormed the restaurant to detain Muzychko and his bodyguards. Police said, that Muzuchko attempted to flee through a window and opened fire at the police team. Two of his bullets wounded a police officer who returned fire and shot Muzychko in the leg, while other officers shot warning shots in the air, stated Yevmdokimov. The First Deputy Prime Minister continued his dramatic account of the events, saying:

“When (they) attempted to detain him, they found out he was wounded. The medics who arrived at the scene proclaimed Muzychko dead”.

The three bodyguards, who reportedly were armed with AK-47 assault rifles and Makarov handguns were arrested by police.

Muzuchko was also known as Sashko Bili, a nome du guerre he used when he was leading a Ukrainian volunteer corps against Russia in the Chechen war between 1994 – 1995.

He was wanted by Russia on terrorism charges and internationally wanted by Interpol. Muzuchko may have been directly involved in the sniper killing of 90 and injuring of more than 500 protesters and police officers in Kiev.

Muzychko Alexandr, Pravy Sector handout.

Muzychko Alexandr, Pravy Sector handout.

Among Muzychko’s most recent activities which caught international attention was his threatening of a state prosecutor, threatening officials who were tasked with the disarming of people in possession of illegal firearms, and his threat to hang Ukraine’s Interior Minister.

It is noteworthy that Muzychko, after having fulfilled a function, increasingly became a PR liability for US and EU leaders who had supported the armed coup d’Ètat in Ukraine with the help of neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist organizations.

Muzychko himself, said earlier that he might be killed. In a Youtube video the Pravy Sector leader said:

“.. The office of the Prosecutor General and the Interior Ministry of Ukraine made the decision to either eliminate me or to capture me and hand me over to Russia, to blame my death on Russian intelligence”.

Ch/L – nsnbc 25.03.2014

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  1. John Goss says:

    It was Alexander Muzychko who beat up a clerk in a prosecutor’s office in a widely-watched video.


  2. narwhal8915 says:

    no comment other than :) one less nazi is a start!

    • Fahwad al-Khadoumi says:

      Compare with “the night of the long knives” in Nazi Germany when “uncomfortable” parts of the SA were “removed”. Same m.o. in Ukraine, and the irony is, that it happens with supprt of the German Chancellor in the Reichstag in Berlin haahahaha… You have to admit, history is pretty predictable when people refuse to learn from it. ;)

  3. Walter says:

    Mainstream Media is silent about this lout’s death. Too bad that they did not leaver him in a ditch so that stray dogs could feed on him.

  4. A couple of day’s after the coup in Kiev, Lehmann wrote an editorial, warning the most extreme right wing those who let themselves be sucked into the violence as “useful idiots” which will be discarded once the West is beginning to consolidate its power in Ukraine. Looks like Muzychko was the first useful idiot who had to go, and others will probably follow one way or the other.

  5. Dr. Hláva says:

    Agree- one nazi less- thats all one can say about…

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