Published On: Mon, Mar 10th, 2014

There has been a coup d’etat in the Ukraine

Financial journalist Lars Schall talked with a former Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister of Defense in Germany, Willy Wimmer, about the crisis unfolding in the Ukraine. According to Wimmer, the intention of the US in the Ukraine is to split Europe one more time.

Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton

Urmas Paet and Catherine Ashton

By Lars Schall

Willy Wimmer, born 1943, is a German lawyer. From 1988 to 1992 he has been the Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense. From 1976 to 2009 Wimmer was a deputy of the German Bundestag. Here he was from April 1985 to December 1988 Chairman of the working group on defense policy of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group. Wimmer has been Deputy Head of the German delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE and was from July 1994 to June 2000 Vice-President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Lars Schall

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- Lars Schall, who was born in Germany, in 1974, has among other, studied journalism at the University of Dortmund and in Knoxville, Tennessee. Lars Schall is a freelance Finance Journalist whose focus is on energy, precious metals, monetary systems and geopolitics. Lars Schall is contributing to several internationally renown media, including Asia Times Online, and is a frequent guest on Russia Today and other TV channels. Lars Schall is also the author of the book "Mordanschlag 9/11 Lars Schall is internationally renown for his knife sharp, investigative journalism and his interviews with some of todays pundits, policymakers and scholars, and for not shying away from picking up some of our times most controversial and pertinent issues. Lars Schall entertains his own website at .

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