Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2014

Kansas Lawmakers Killed Fluoride Labeling Bill

nsnbc : Kansas lawmakers killed a bill, introduced by Representative Steve Brunk, who proposed mandatory labeling of fluoridated water as long as scientific evidence about which amounts of fluoride in drinking water are safe and don’t cause neurological and cognitive damages. On Monday, the House Health and Human Services Committee voted 10-2 and rejected the bill that would have required cities and other local governments to warn consumers if their water is fluoridated.

Glass-of-waterThe local newspaper The Wichita Eagle, quotes Augusta Republican Representative David Crum as saying that the vote effectively has killed the bill, because it cannot be reconsidered unless a majority of the committee agrees to debate it again.

Last Wednesday, the committee heard proponents and opponents of Bill No. 2372, which was based on a 2012 Harvard study that found a correlation between slower brain development and increased levels of fluoride in water. The 2012 study by Choi, Sun, Zhang and Grandjean, concluded, that the result of their meta analysis supports the possibility of an adverse effect of high fluoride exposure on children’s neurodevelopment. A more recent study which strongly supports Choi’s findings and places fluoride firmly on the list of environmental toxins that cause neurodevelopmental damages, however, was not included in the debate.

The latest study by Harvard and Mount Sinai scientists Grandjean and Landrigan added fluoride to the list of industrial chemicals which cause neuro-developmental damages in children. The study correlates these chemicals to the epidemic rise in neuro-developmental disorders such as autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and dyslexia.

The Wichita Eagle quotes one of the most vocal supporters of the legislation, Mark Gietzen, as saying that he will now push for the Senate to take up the issue. Gietzen compared the fluoridation issue with leaded gasoline, saying:

“We had leaded gasoline for so long and didn’t think it was harming us. Now it’s banned”. 

Public health officials and fluoridation proponents claimed that the bill was based on flawed science and that it would threaten public support for a longstanding practice that has greatly reduced tooth decay, reports The Witchita Eagle. Arguments about “flawed science” are frequently used, despite the above mentioned latest studies and evidence for the fact that fluoride has a prophylactic effect when it is used topically, not when it is ingested.

Researchers, including Harvard scientist Grandjean call for comprehensive, and fully funded studies, and warn that the list of industrial toxins which cause neuro-developmental damages is likely to grow as funding for comprehensive studies is provided.

Ch/L - nsnbc 25.02.2014

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  1. Joe Public says:

    Why are officials so concerned about elevating public awareness? From GMO labeling to false advertising and now fluoride labeling, there seems to be an interest to keep the public unaware of what we are ingesting. Obviously more research needs to be done on such things as ingesting fluoride as well as GMOs and other chemicals that are so ubiquitously used. I am not so convinced that those that use and support these kinds of practices and chemicals in products have the public’s best interest at heart.

  2. Truth says:

    Fluoride was used by Nazis concentration camps to keep prisoners docile and stupid.

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