Published On: Tue, Feb 18th, 2014

Bahrain: The Real Blowback from “The Arab Spring” – 300.000 Protest in Manama

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Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : While Cameron, Hollande, Merkel et al. are trying to warn EU populations about possible blowback; Terrorism committed by some of the 10.000 EU citizens who are fighting in Syria; these “Syria Veterans” will be under close observation by EU member’s intelligence agencies. Some of them will be under close “supervision”, and analysts warn that purported blowback terrorism is more likely to be an EU Intelligence “Blowjob” than genuine blowback. There is a genuine blowback from “The Arab Spring”, however. 300.000 were marching in Bahrain’s capital Manama, marking the 3rd anniversary of the uprising in the home of the US 5th Fleet in the Persian Gulf.

manama_bahrain_february_protestFriday 14 February, the third anniversary of Bahrain’s popular uprising. Hundreds of thousands defy police violence and a medieval justice system to demand “Freedom and Democracy”.

Unlike the uprising in Egypt, Libya and Syria, this popular uprising has not been created and manipulated by Western intelligence and special forces.

The admission of the former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas, that top-British officials asked him two years before the first protests in Syria if he wanted to participate in subverting the Syrian government with the help of “rebels” comes to mind.

If Syria was a blowjob, then the protests in Bahrain, the home of the 5th US Fleet in the Persian Gulf, and the people’s demands for an end to rule by Vice Roy’s are blowback - genuine blowback.

manama_bahrain_teargas_2014_februaryUp to 300.000 marched in Manama, defying a police that used teargas and shotguns, leisurely. The documentation team of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) documented 50 injured and 94 arrests in the days leading up to the protests which began on Friday and lasted throughout the weekend.

The protests culminated on Saturday, 15 February, with the official Al-Wafaq estimating the number of protesters to be some 300.000.

The BCHR reports that over the last three years, the government’s excessive use of force has resulted in 93 death – the leading cause of death is the excessive use of teargas, which the government continues to abuse. There are still more than 2,200 political prisoners in detention, and the courts are regularly used as a political tool to punish dissidents.

syria_protests_2014_3After three years of promises from the government that they will begin working towards real reform, torture remains widely practiced on a systematic level, and Bahraini people are subjected to enforced disappearance on an almost daily basis.

The 300.000 protesters in Bahrain who demanded genuine participatory political rights remained largely ignored by Western corporate, state and foundation funded media.

The protests of thousands of Syrians who defied death threats from Western armed, funded and commanded Al-Qaeda brigades, who marched to demand an end to terrorism and foreign interference in Syria were fully ignored. Not one major newspaper reported about these protesters.

While 300.000 in Bahrain and thousands of Syrians are being ignored, the new Western vanguard of “Freedom and Democracy”, Jabhat al-Nusrah, Liwa-al-Islam, ISIL and ISIS, are being armed with high-tech weaponry.

If the 300.000 who marched in Manama had one essential message to send to the people in Europe and the USA, what would their message be?

You Ned Regime Change – Now!

Ch/L - nsnbc 18.02.2014

About the Author

- Dr. Christof Lehmann is the founder and editor of nsnbc. He is a psychologist and independent political consultant on conflict and conflict resolution and a wide range of other political issues. His work with traumatized victims of conflict has led him to also pursue the work as political consultant. He is a lifelong activist for peace and justice, human rights, Palestinians rights to self-determination in Palestine, and he is working on the establishment of international institutions for the prosecution of all war crimes, also those committed by privileged nations. On 28 August 2011 he started his blog nsnbc, appalled by misrepresentations of the aggression against Libya and Syria. In March 2013 he turned nsnbc into a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper. He can be contacted at nsnbc international at

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  1. Majid says:

    Lehmann we love you!!!!!!!!

  2. gimbuwar says:

    Thanks a single Syrian or Bahrain news on major TV channel here in my country(what to expect from pro US,Saudi Arabia country)

    • Majid says:

      Gimbuwar :)
      Not thanks to internet, say thanks to nsnbc.
      BBC has more than 1.600 people working on the BBC website. They use the internet too. It is not thanks to “the internet” but thanks to “independent” newspapers like nsnbc international and their staff that we hear the truth about Bahrain and Syria.:) Say “nsnbc we love you !!!” and support them by sharing articles in social media and by donating. :) Help nsnbc to “become the mainstram”. That’s the way to do it. :)

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