Published On: Sun, Jan 19th, 2014

Thailand: US-backed Regime Using Terrorism Against Occupy Bangkok Protesters

Since TIME’s report warning of regime’s Hitleresque “red shirts” stockpiling weapons to assault protesters in Bangkok there have been 3 grenade attacks aimed at protest leaders and one shooting critically wounding a protest guard.

LD : Occupy Bangkok” protesters rising up against the US-backed dictator Thaksin Shinawatra and his proxy regime in Thailand are now the target of daily terrorist attacks carried out by the regime itself. TIME magazine on January 16 reported in their article, “”Bangkok Shutdown: Yingluck Supporters Prepare to Fight for Democracy,” that: 

As Thailand’s anti-government protests enter their fourth day, observers say prospects for violent confrontation are increasing, with reports of government supporters stockpiling weapons in case of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s ouster. 

According to the Bangkok Post, radical members of the Red Shirts — diehard champions of Yingluck and her notorious brother Thaksin Shinawatra — are readying a cache of arms in case the 46-year-old premier is forced from office by either military or judicial intervention.

The paper quoted a Red Shirt source as saying “There are strong anti-coup and anti-court sentiments among the red-shirt mavericks who are familiar and experienced with weapon use.”

The very next day, the attacks began. The first was a grenade attack on peaceful marches lead by protest leader Suthep Thuangsuban, which killed one and injured 39. Suthep Thuangsuban was only 30 meters away from the blast, indicating it was a likely assassination attempt. Protesters would then storm the abandoned building where the attack originated to uncover what appeared to be a weapons catch and a safehouse, just as TIME described.

Last night, a gunman critically wounded a protest guard at a separate rallying site after shooting him through the back.

Image: Casualties are evacuated after a twin grenade attack today at Victory Monument, one of 7 main rally sites being used by "Occupy Bangkok" protesters. The regime had threatened a campaign of covert terrorism just last Thursday, before promptly kicking it off with daytime grenade attacks and nightly shootings. Meanwhile the US is taking a hard stand against protesters, and intentionally ignoring the deadly terrorism being used by a regime it has backed for nearly a decade.

Image: Casualties are evacuated after a twin grenade attack today at Victory Monument, one of 7 main rally sites being used by “Occupy Bangkok” protesters. The regime had threatened a campaign of covert terrorism just last Thursday, before promptly kicking it off with daytime grenade attacks and nightly shootings. Meanwhile the US is taking a hard stand against protesters, and intentionally ignoring the deadly terrorism being used by a regime it has backed for nearly a decade.

Now today, a twin grenade attack struck yet another protest site, this one at Bangkok’s Victory Monument. The grenades were aimed at the stage and injured one of the protest leader’s nephews along with nearly 30 others. The grenade is allegedly the same make as the one used in the January 17 attack.

Regime Boldly Announces Beginning of Terror Campaign, Then Blames Protesters for Attacks 

Despite overt threats by the regime just the day before the attacks began, the regime’s appointed deputy police chief, Adul Narongsak, claimed that the attack on January 17 was the work of protesters themselves, claiming they dropped the grenade at their own feet before trying to run away. Bangkok Post’s article, “Democrat ‘aide’ sought over blast,” claims:

Pol Maj Gen Adul Narongsak, deputy chief of Metropolitan Police Bureau, said the video clip showed a man wearing a white hat walking near a pickup and dropping an object, before rushing to take shelter behind a pole. Five seconds later, the explosion happened.

Unfortunately for Adul’s theory, even the very video he is drawing his conclusions from clearly shows the grenade falling from an elevated position (nearby abandoned buildings) at 0:12 seconds. Also, grenades have a maximum detonation time of 2-3 seconds, not 5 seconds. Additionally, grenades are meant to be thrown, not dropped and ran from. There is no possible way to reach safe cover meaning Adul is describing what would essentially be an attempted “false flag suicide bombing.” These were also the conclusions of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) experts who arrived on the scene, directly contradicting the regime’s fabrications.

Readers should recall that Adul was also caught blatantly lying about deadly violence on December 26 where he claimed protesters dressed up as both a battalion of police who then destroyed scores of vehicles belonging to themselves as well as dressing up and positioning black-clad gunmen on roof tops of government buildings, before admitting finally it was the police all along. Thai PBS in their article,  ”National police chief admits men in black are police,” reported that:

National Police Office commissioner Pol Gen Adul Saengsingkaew this morning admitted that the men in black” on the roof-top of the Labor Ministry’s building near the Thai-Japan youth centre in Din Daeng are police.

The national police commissioner’s official admittance came as he led senior police officers to deliver best wishes and receive New Year blessings from the president of the Privy Council Gen Prem Tinsulanonda this morning.

Pol Gen Adul admitted that “men in black” are police and vowed to investigate and bring them to justice procedure.

He also admitted that the men in anti-riot uniforms who were seen smashing the windshields of a vehicle of a volunteer nurse are also the police.

Click on image to read in full size.

Click on image to read in full size.

US-Backs Terrorist Regime 

The regime, unable to muster the police necessary to overwhelm the tens of thousands of protesters still out on the streets a week after “Occupy Bangkok” began, appears to believe a concerted terrorist campaign may help shrink numbers on the streets before its “red shirt” mobs and police units can move in. Their confidence that they can continue a blatant terrorist campaign against peaceful protesters stems from the stalwart support they have received from the US. Slanted reporting by the West has backed the regime for months, including biased reports from  the BBCReuters, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The Washington Post has openly called on the US to condemn the protesters and back the regime in an op-ed titled, ”Thailand’s anti-democracy protests should provoke a harsh rebuke from the U.S.” The op-ed was followed by a letter from US Congressman Michael Turner (R-OH) who implored US President Barack Obama to condemn the protests and back the regime and its planned sham elections scheduled for February 2, 2014.

To understand why the US is once again backing a terrorist regime in yet another country that it insists on meddling in, one must understand the decade of servile obedience Thaksin Shinawatra, the defacto regime leader, has lent the West:

Clearly the US’ interest in Thailand has nothing to do with defending “democracy.” Considering Thaksin Shinawatra’s abhorrent human rights abuses, unprecedented in Thailand’s long history, the US is not concerned about the treatment of the Thai people either. Their interest is purely financial and geopolitical. Their support is only further emboldening the regime, who may otherwise realize that their time is up and that they should bow out peacefully. Instead, they have elected a bloody campaign of terror against their political opponents, wounding and killing innocent people on a daily basis, while the West buries their atrocities within news stories and among cartoonish denials made by the regime’s police in direct contradiction of all evidence suggesting otherwise.

The Thai people are left to ask themselves to whom they should turn to when the police themselves are obstructing justice and covering up a campaign of terrorism directed against peaceful protesters. With each attack bringing more military units into the streets – since the police are unwilling to do their job - it appears that answer may be Thailand’s respected army.  The regime is left with the gamble of provoking the military to take action against it and subsequently depending on whatever backing the West has promised it. Considering the fate of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the crumbling US-backed terrorist front in Syria, that may be a gamble the Thaksin regime should seriously reconsider.

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  1. Patti says:

    Great article and it is more accurate than many other sources. it shows the argument from both sides and allow the readers to analyze the issues.

    Thank you,


  2. wanida. waiyawajamai says:

    Good opinion.thanks from
    Thais harts.

  3. Chat says:

    Congratulation on bold and accurate account of what is happening in Bangkok. It is the people against corrupt and fake democratic government. Two year , it destroys our economy, judicial and parliamentary systems. While preaching Democracy it uses majority vote to silent it’s oppositions. Parliament becomes a tool for the dictatorship. Damned other big news agents for their biased and unprofessional reports. Democracy is not just a drop of ballot paper in the box.

  4. Wisanu says:


    US president called us “Antidemocratic uprising” we are “Anti-corruption system democratic”
    -Which democracy allowed corruption?
    -Which democracy allowed “Amnesty bill for who corrupt?
    -Which democracy allowed government supporter attack another who anti-government?
    -Which democracy that government passed “Act” at 3 am ?? vote for 3-4 senators with 1 ??
    -Which democracy that government not accept court judgement?
    -Which democracy that police can not arrest any murder who attack us?

    Thailand was Thaksin’autocracy for long time not Democracy.

    We proud to held election after reform because now all senators has been controlled by someone is that democracy? We not anti-election too.
    Yours sincerely,

  5. apirak ngsriwongse says:

    Please continue to announce to the world what’s the objective of PDRC and why is it necessary as I do believe all these lobbyists hired by Thaksin are also trying every possible way to discredit the PDRC as undemocratic but if you don’t look at the roots of the problem you won’t understand since we believe that unless there is reform first before a clean election can be institute, it will bring Thailand back to where it is and in the end we will not escape the circle of tyrannical rule by amulgamating of the Executive and Legislative Powers under the regime.

  6. S.pairin says:

    very much accurates, purely facts no fictions. Now, thais people should have peace of mind that they have one good and honest independence daily to rely on. Thank you.


  7. Runze says:

    Thanks for report the truth which other posts’ve never done.

  8. Taz says:

    I paid respect to the author of this great article and the nsnbc. For the sake of the peaceful Thai protesters who died or injured from the Thaksin’slave terrorists, the U.S. Congressman Mike Turner and the U.S.Gov. should reconsider their actions.

  9. Chutima says:

    Thank you for telling the truth.

  10. Chai says:

    The article is so true, many thanks for the accuracy and the truth you tell the world what exactly happen in Bangkok, Thailand. The truth that we, most Thai, have got frustrated for ten year or more. We have been suffering to see the corrupted Gvernment, little be little, ruint the country. We very much disappointed The US Government taking advantages from backing up Yingluck and her team to do harm to our country and ignor her dictatorship covered by the fake democracy, as well as playing no role seeing Yingluck and her cabinet violate human rights in Thailand.

  11. Josephs says:

    not surprising that USA is supporting a fascist and violent movement in Kiev, i saw those policemen burn and could not help but be mad at USA for not condemning the act… on the other hand, by the same idea of protesters overthrowing the existing government, they are supporting Thai government? why support protesters in Kiev and condemn protesters in Thailand, is USA only looking to protect its interest overseas without a care of people’s lives nor justice. America truly is the world’s biggest threat to peace.

  12. If President Obama does not really know the real factual truth on the current Thai political crisis then I pity him. I urge him to consider:
    1. Why an estimated 6 million people came out on the streets of Bangkok to protest against this Government?
    2. Why thousands of doctors and other intellects came out on the streets to protest against Yingluck and this government?
    Let me put Mr. Obama in the picture.
    1. Never in the history of Thai politics has a Government been as corrupted as this one. The corruption is on a a colossal scale. Up to 40 % of our taxes are pocketed.
    2. Your so called friend and ally Thsksin allowed nothing and nobody to stand in his way. He has managed to buy everything and everyone , lock stock and barrel. Vote buying at elections are rampant. It is a worthwhile investment as once in power he stands yo gain thousands of times more from corruption.
    3. Even when this Goverment was caught red handed by the highest court of the country, the constitunal court , in cheating at an attempt to pass a law Yingluck and her cabinet simply ignored the ruling.
    Need I go on? Believe it or not this government has bled the country dry. We are just skin and bones. If you watch the news you’ll hear of the poor rice farmers protesting because This Government owe them money for the rice this Govetnment bought from them. This is incredible. The government cheated on the poor farmers who cannot make ends meet. Shame on the Priminister.
    Last I like to leave you with this thought. It’s
    unbelievable that one person ( Thaksin ) could absolutely ruine the lives of 65 million people.
    Dr. Nop

  13. Chiradej Diskaprakai says:

    The Emergency Decree just issued yesterday by the government over violence inducement, which the government see, in Bangkok is an ill example of innocence of the lady puppet Premier whom, during her two years, traveled to nearly fifty countries to sign agreements etc. under her elder brother’s previous contacts. She doesn’t seem to realize what’s going on in Thailand. Poor soul, she should stop further confrontation with the people as the situation has already indicated the need of changes by the people. Foreigners never realize the problems, so the comments are based on democratic theory. What happens in Thailand is completely different….. it’s pure democratic corruption!

  14. Thai says:

    Thank you for bringing the truth to the world flooded with distorted information from mainstream media.

    Your honest report if distributed widely enough, could save many lives of innocent Thais.

  15. sirichitr clarke says:

    I have nothing to comment on the news. Many of Thai people will say the same as me

  16. Joe says:

    Finally, someone reports what is happening in front of my eyes. These protesters are being picked off one by one by the daylight bombing and driving by shooting in front of the passive policemen in uniform. It’s sickening.

  17. Daniele says:

    i also thanks you a lot for speaking the truth. What suthep is doin on daily base start to show the results: spread the truth aroud the world about thaksin regime. I really really hopee this sad period of thailand will fade soon. But for the rest of the time we still have to pass protesting on the roads, i say: let’s keep going, we have to do it.

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