Published On: Mon, Jan 13th, 2014

14 Year-Old Child Bride in Turkey Dies of Gunshot Wounds in Suicide

nsnbc , -On Saturday, a 14 year-old child bride who was married off at the age of twelve, who was suffering from postpartum depression after the premature birth and death of her second child, was found dead from gunshot wounds in an alleged suicide, in southeastern Turkey. Last year, researchers from Gaziantep University concluded, that one out of every three marriages in Turkey is a child marriage.


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The Turkish Aydinlik Daily newspaper reports, that the 14 year-old Kader Erten, who was found dead in her home on Saturday, allegedly died from gunshot wounds in a suicide.

The Institute of Forensic Medicine in Diyarbakir is conducting an autopsy to determine the exact cause of Kader’s death, and the Chief Prosecutor is looking into the statements of Kader’s family.

AD quotes the family as saying that Kader Erten suffered from a postpartum depression after the premature birth and death of her second child. The girl was reportedly married off to her husband Mehmed Atak in 2011, when she was no more than 12 years old. The marriage was reportedly arranged with the consent of both families.


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Only 13 years old, Kader gave birth to her first child. About one year later, seven months pregnant with her second child, while her husband was away on military duty, Kader’s second child was born prematurely and died.

The family reported that she fell into a postpartum depression. The family also reported that Kader did not leave her room since her husband left for military duty.

Adding to the tragedy of the girl’s premature death is that she may not even have been twelve years-old when she was married off to her husband.

Both the husband’s family and the prosecutor seem to be uncertain whether the date of birth on Kader’s identity card, 21 July 2000 is correct.

In 2013, researchers at Turkey’s Gaziantep University concluded that almost 40 % of all marriages in Turkey are child marriages. Child marriages are more common in rural districts of Turkey and the illiteracy rate among child brides is about 18 %. An education reform, adopted by the Muslim Brotherhood based AKP government of Prime Minister R. Tayyip Erdogan in 2013, the so called 4+4+4 school program, encourages especially young girls to leave school at a very early age.

Ch/L - nsnbc 13.01.2013

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  1. Marwa says:

    Her family should be sued in front of justice. For Allah sake she was just a child when she got married.

  2. E Kratzer says:

    See the work of photographer Stephanie Sinclair on this tragic topic:

  3. FeralCat says:

    Suicide? Oh sure.

  4. Ali says:

    Marwa, how is this unjust in sharia? The prophet pbuh wrote the marriage contract with Aisha when she was 9. What Allah finds halal is not a crime.

    • Ali.
      With all due respect, but imagine this:
      *Imagine we all respect each other’s religions 100 %.
      * Imagine the religion of one “cult” has a holy book, and in that book, someone said ” You must sacrifice one newborn child in the fire every year”…etc..
      * Imagine someone from this cult came and took your child.. What would you say to him/her ? You would probaby ask “Are you mad ?” and say “That is murder”… (double moral is better than moral? )

      Besides that, if you read the scriptures of Islam you will find a Shura, in which it is written that only the most evil and perverted will ever hurt a child… and that anyone who hurts one child hurts all the children and people of the entire world…

      Think about it. And that is, not even to mention such “trivial” matters as “equal opportunity – fairness – ” and not to forget “law”.

      Yet another matter is – regardless WHAT is written anywhere, a grown man who needs to have sex with a child is not mentally mature enough to have a marriage with anyone, let alone a child. ;) –

      I suppose mankind has a lot of growing up to do. Many things have to change to create a better world, and it would be good if governments brought about these changes in such a manner that is respectful with regards to cultural diversity, instead of waiting so long that international, cultural chauvinists and transnational corporations force change on a people, based on them being disrespectful and condescending.

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