Published On: Wed, Jan 1st, 2014

NSA Chief Keith Alexander Awarded nsnbc’s PROSCAR

The NSA Director, General Keith Alexander, was awarded nsnbc’s prestigious PROSCAR (propaganda scare award) for his video, explaining to US citizens and the citizens of the world, including heads of state of foreign nations, that there is absolutely nothing wrong with spying on telephone conversations, e-mail, and other private or professional communications.

alexander_PROSCAREven though Alexander faced stiff competition from CIA Chief Brennan, the balanced tipped in Alexander’s favor because of Alexander’s pedagogical talent and his relentless educative effort in explaining why it is advantageous for the citizens of the United States and the world, to have eavesdropping capabilities already built into their iPhones, Mobile Phones, Computers and Televisions when they are purchasing the product in stores.

Without further ado, here comes the PROSCAR 2013 winning video by NSA Director, General Keith Alexander.

The PROSCAR is awarded for outstanding propaganda. The prize is awarded annually, in January, by the editor-in-chief of nsnbc international.

Nominate Your PROSCAR 2014  favorite : nsnbc readers and subscribers can nominate candidates via the comments below. 

The PROSCAR 2013 is the first PROSCAR to be awarded, and it is our special pleasure to award it to General Alexander.

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    I want to nominate US State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland for her “F**k the EU” on phone with the US ambassador to the Ukraine because:
    * It was entertaining
    * It showed how much difference there is between propaganda and the true criminal nature of US foreign policy.
    * It was even better that Google shut down the nsnbc international website for an entire day – 10 minutes after nsnbc published an article about Nulend’s “diplomatic parleur”.
    * She and the case combines both the propaganda aspect and shows how scary the fascist tendencies have become.

    She deserves the nomination, and if it is up to me, she deserves to win the 2014 PROSCAR award.


  2. US Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement:

    “You just don’t invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. .. This is an act of aggression that is completely trumped up in terms of its pretext. It’s really 19th century behavior in the 21st century. … There could be certainly disruption of any of the normal trade routine, there could be business drawback on investment in the country,” he continued. “There could even be ultimately asset freezes, visa bans.”

  3. I nominate Liz Wahl for her on-air resignation. Even if it was honest, and not a setup, her tear wrenching and bone bending “I love America” routine was, wanted or unwanted, some of the most brilliant pieces of pro-US / anti-Russian propaganda I have seen since then end of the cold war.


  4. I nominate NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Gen. Philip Breedlove for trying to pass of old satellite photos as if they were new and show 40.000 troops along Russia-Ukrainian border hahaha – This is rich, the best propaganda I have seen in 2014 – until now.

    • I give a vote to Breedlove too. Using AP to pass of old photos as an imminent Russian threats is the biggest lie since NATO started 65 years ago. He desrves to win the Proscar.

  5. I nominate the Turner Radio Network and its owner for publishing a video -claiming that it shows pro-Russian protesters in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, shooting down a Ukrainian helicopter with advanced Russian (of course) missiles.

    Sadly, the video was even broadcast by PRESS TV – apparently their producer didn’t check properly before sending it (15. April 2014)

    Well done – great propaganda, timing could not have been better AND, maybe the propaganda stunt would have worked if nsnbc hadn’t denounced it as FAKE. :)


    for he so-called “interview” with Kurdish Iraqi “president” Barzani to sell the Balkanization of Iraq during the ISIS campaign.

    Amanpour is an absolute top-professional when it comes to setting the stage, using rhetoric, leading questions, and selling what ever illegality or aggression she has been tasked with to sale.

    Here is the ink to the interview:
    And a article about it:

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