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Thailand: Pro Democracy Protesters fill Half of Bangkok, Demanding Reform Before Elections

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nsnbc , – Thailand’s Pro Reform Protesters were filling half of the Thai capital Bangkok, demanding reform before elections. BBC’s Jonathan Head, Reuters et al. are reporting about tens of thousands, while Bangkok’s architect students reportedly have used a scientific approach and estimated the number of protesters at 5.6 million.

The truth is, that nobody really knows, but millions are closer to the truth than Reuters and BBC’s “tens of thousands”. Thailand’s main opposition “Democrats Party” has decided to boycott the elections on 2 February and calls for “Reform Before Elections” to avoid that one more Shinawatra regime abuses its power of government to determine the outcome of elections in their favor.

taksin_BridgeA Game of Numbers. The People’s Democratic Reform Committee had erected ten stages throughout Bangkok to avoid overcrowding and to give more people a possibility to step up onto the stage and up to their responsibility to speak to their co-protesters.

At about 4 p.m.PRDC leader Suthep Thaugsuban, a former M.P. for the Democrats, was speaking to a massive crowd at the road between the Ratchaprasong and Pratunam intersections, saying that the number of protesters was by far greater than the number of people who had turned out on 9 December, adding that he believed that the Shinawatra government would probably tell other countries and foreign media that there only had come 150.000.

22_december_bangkok_2Reports about “tens of thousands” of protesters published by the Reuters news agency and by the BBC’s Jonathan Head showed that Thaugsuban is an experienced Thai politician who knows the strategies of the Wall Street – backed Shinawatra regime and its western corporate and state sponsored media allies like the New York Times or the Indy Newspaper only all too well.

Addressing the People, Thaugsuban said that:

“The phenomena seen today confirms, that Thailand will survive and that the Thaksin regime will be removed. … The people will continue to struggle until the Thaksin regime is gone and the proxy Yingluck resigns”. 

Thaugsuban stressed, that the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), also known as “Red Shirts” were only working for the benefit of one man, Thaksin Shinawatra, when they rallied at the Ratchaprasong intersection in 2010. Addressing the chanting crowd, he said:

“ They were fighting for one man only, who is their father in Dubai. Now we are at the same place, we have gathered millions of people, but we can remain peaceful. We kill no one, and neither do we torch the city. … Today we shut down Bangkok for half a day. If Yingluck does not resign, then the next time if will be a full day and if she still does not resign it may become a whole month of shutdown”.

After delivering his speech, Thaugsuban went on to join protesters near Bangkok’s Siam Center, meeting another massive crowd there.

Also the Chief Adviser of the Democrats Party, Chuan Leepai and the core Democrats Party members Suthas Ngernmuen, Apiwat Ngernmuen, Siriwan Prassajaksattru, Sombat Yasin, Niphon Wisityuthasart and Chaiwat Traisunant, took part in Sunday’s mass rally, leading large possession of protesters in a march from the party’s headquarters on Sethasiri Road in the Bang Sue district towards the Victory Monument where more than a few “tens of thousands” had gathered already.

Respect for the Law is a Precondition for Reform. Responding to questions about Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s proposal to call on all parties to join a national reform council after the planned 2 February elections, Chuan Lepai said, that one has to respect the laws to effectively achieve reform, and that” the government under P.M. Yingluck Shinawatra has shown disrespect of the law by denying a ruling of Thailand’s Constitutional Court and by practicing discrimination”.

Unconstitutional, Corrupt and Criminally Violent. The opposition and many Thais, including many among those, who neither prescribe to the one or the other party, are weary of Shinawatra governments’ abuse of political power as well as of , at times, violent oppression of its opponents.

During a protest rally on 30 November, one Ramkhamhaeng University student was killed by Shinawatra regime supporters. Evidence surfaced, proving that the regimes dreaded “black shirts” had been deployed and were shooting at protestors. Analyst and the editor of the AltThaiNews Network website Tony Cartalucci stressed, that the Shinawatra regimes have Thailand’s worst human rights records.

"Thaksin thinks, Peua Thai does."

“Thaksin thinks, Peua Thai does.”

The statement, that reform requires respect for the law was not unreasonable and reflects the realities of the Shinawatra regime’s documented corruption, nepotism, content of law and violence.

The PRDC points out, that the entire government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has been unconstitutional from day one of taking office.

Yingluck Shinawatra and her Peua Thai party government are admittedly running the country on behalf Yingluck’s fugitive, corruption convicted brother, the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. During the election campaign, the party advertized with the slogan “Thaksin thinks and Peua Thai does”. 

Democrat Party will Boycott 2 February Elections. Democrat Party spokesperson Chavanond Intarkomalyasut said that the Democrats Party will continue to push for reforms by holding forums in the provinces to get the opinions of the people to create a blueprint for reform that reflects the people’s will.

DR_AMORN_thai_constitutionChavanond stressed, that decision to boycott the elections was the most decisive decision that his party has ever made, because all of its members were aware that they would not be able to perform their duties as the people’s representatives unless the country is reformed.

Earlier, Professor Amorn, who is a former Secretary General of Thailand’s Council of State, stressed that the Constitution of Thailand needs to be reformed.

Prof. Amorn pointed out that elected officials must have the possibility to perform their duties independently, according to their conscience, and free of external control.

Meanwhile, Prof. Amorn states, Thailand’s Constitution allows “capitalist autocracy” to operate under the guise of the parliamentary system.

He emphasized, that M.P.s have to be members of a political party, that political parties can expel members for disobeying a party line, and that a prime minister, according to the current constitution, has to be a member of parliament.

The leader of the Democrats Party, Abhisit Vejjajiva, has assigned the task to organize the peoples’ forums in the provinces and to draft a blueprint that reflects the peoples will, to the former Nakhon Si Thammarat MP, Chinnaworn Boonyakiat.

Democrats Party spokesperson  Chavanond Intarkomalyasut stressed that the Democrats Party, although it boycotts the 2 February election, will not obstruct it.

Ch/L-nsnbc 23.12.2013

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  1. Robert Chen says:

    Thailand: Pro-Democracy Protesters Fill Half of Bangkok,

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reporting the truth

    (unlike BBC, CNN, Reuters that distort every events through
    half truth missing information, and sometimes incorrect

  2. This is the truth that other agencies should learn how to report.
    This news has been shared.Thank you and thank god that at least, there is nsnbc who has not been bought.

  3. Don McMahon says:

    Although we do not care for Suthep, since he has a corrupt background. he is honest enough to admit it. We admire the fairness of your reporting and will donate to support your organization. We are Westerners who have adopted and love Thailand. As we say here in rural Thailand, ‘Reform before another Corrupt Election’.

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