Published On: Wed, Dec 18th, 2013

New York Times Condemns Thailand’s Counter Color Revolution

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NYT hit piece claims unlike US State Department-backed “Arab Spring,” current anti-regime protests in Thailand seek “less democracy.”

ThomasFuller_NYT_SEATony Cartalucci (ATN) , - The New York Times’ Thomas Fuller has persistently written hit pieces regarding Thailand’s political situation for years. In his most recent piece titled, “In Thailand, Standing Up for Less Democracy,” he claims:

“In a world now accustomed to democratic upheavals, including the Arab Spring and the Saffron and Orange Revolutions, the weeks of political upheaval in Thailand stand out for one main peculiarity. Protesters massing on the streets here are demanding less democracy, not more.”

Ironically, it was the NYT itself that revealed the true nature of the so-called “Arab Spring.” In its article titled, ”U.S. Groups Helped Nurture Arab Uprisings,” it was stated:

“A number of the groups and individuals directly involved in the revolts and reforms sweeping the region, including the April 6 Youth Movement in Egypt, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights and grass-roots activists like Entsar Qadhi, a youth leader in Yemen, received training and financing from groups like the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute and Freedom House, a nonprofit human rights organization based in Washington.”

The article would also add, regarding the US National Endowment for Democracy (NED):

“The Republican and Democratic institutes are loosely affiliated with the Republican and Democratic Parties. They were created by Congress and are financed through the National Endowment for Democracy, which was set up in 1983 to channel grants for promoting democracy in developing nations. The National Endowment receives about $100 million annually from Congress. Freedom House also gets the bulk of its money from the American government, mainly from the State Department. “

So in other words, the “Arab Spring” was not a pro-democracy uprising, it was instead, a region-wide US-funded campaign for regime change. The resulting regimes included two Muslim Brotherhood regimes which colluded with the US-Israeli-Saudi campaign against Syria, a brutal war that has left the nation of Libya decimated and in the hands of extremists, and an ongoing war in Syria that has seen tens of thousands dead and with the West directly arming, funding, and codding Al Qaeda, even on NATO-member soil.

If the Thai protests then, “stand out,” that is a good thing. 

Throughout Fuller’s hit piece, we can see the same exact omissions made by other propagandists across the Western media. These include the dismal human rights record of Thaksin Shinawatra including the mass murdering of 3,000 in a 90 day “war on drugs” in 2003, many of whom had nothing to do with the drug trade at all. Fuller also fails to report how Thaksin’s brutality is not only seen as acceptable by his followers, but the campaign of mass murder in 2003 was in fact, wildly popular amongst his support base.

This above all, is the reason why many feel those who continuously return him to power, despite not being eligible for office (he is a convicted criminal with two arrest warrants out for his arrest), not being on the ballot (his sister, in true 3rd world nepotist fashion is running as a placeholder for him), nor even being in the country (he currently resides in Dubai), are not capable of participating in elections until serious reforms can be carried out. Reforms are aimed at closing the loopholes that have allowed a convicted criminal to run in 2011 under the motto “Thaksin Thinks, Puea Thai [his political party] Does.” Thaksin literally campaigned for his sister, and openly runs the country via Skype and meetings with regime ministers outside the country.

This too, was ironically revealed by the New York Times, and by Fuller himself, in an article titled, “In Thailand, Power Comes With Help From Skype,” which begins by stating:

Millions of people across the globe have cut the tethers to their offices, working remotely from home, airport lounges or just about anywhere they can get an Internet connection. But the political party governing Thailand has taken telecommuting into an altogether different realm.

For the past year and a half, by the party’s own admission, the most important political decisions in this country of 65 million people have been made from abroad, by a former prime minister who has been in self-imposed exile since 2008 to escape corruption charges.

The country’s most famous fugitive,Thaksin Shinawatra, circles the globe in his private jet, chatting with ministers over his dozen cellphones, texting over various social media platforms and reading government documents e-mailed to him from civil servants, party officials say.
It might be described as rule by Skype. Or governance by instant messenger, a way for Mr. Thaksin to help run the country without having to face the warrant for his arrest in a case that many believe is politically motivated.

What Fuller describes is an almost cartoonish example of 3rd world corruption, nepotism, and wrecking ball abandon for the rule of law – yet curiously, Fuller has a difficult time wrapping his mind or his editorial around the fact that this banana republic-style corruption exhibited by the regime he has documented in his editorials, propped up by the same interests behind an “Arab Spring” the paper he writes for exposed as being foreign-backed subversion, is precisely why anti-regime protesters are on the streets of Bangkok today.

It has nothing to do with wanting “less democracy,” because a regime like that headed by Thaksin Shinawatra was never about democracy in the first place. Thomas Fuller is an intelligent man and undoubtedly knows this. He is doing just what his counterparts at the BBC are doing, just as lobbyists working for Thaksin Shinawatra are doing – manipulating public perception for the corporate-financier interests that were behind “good” protests like the “Arab Spring” and the current pro-EU Nazis clamoring in the streets of Ukraine, and opposed to “bad” protests like the nationalist-driven, pro-sovereignty movement in the streets of Bangkok now.

Tony Cartalucci, AltThaiNews Network

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  1. narumon says:

    Thank you very much.

  2. dat says:

    Thank you, Tony. Your article is well-written and very true.

  3. Thank you very much for an accurate article “End to Red Terror”.
    It is difficult for you to understand why we protest the government who claimed to come from an election. We know they are not. Yet we keep silent for the past two years. Our patience ended when they try to pass th blanket amnesty bill to those merderers, arsonists, terrorists who put Bangkok on fire and to those corrupted politicians who abused the power given to him for his/her own benefit. They also rejected the constitution court verdict when found guilty! By bribing a lot of high ranking goverment officers, they are sure that they will win the next eletion.
    These are why theprotesters urged to ousted the interim administration after the parliament was disolved and reform the country’s democracy before the next election at least to get a chance to get a cleaner and fair election.

    • Wassana says:

      Thank you Tony. You understood the situation in Thailand very well. Mr. Fuller should be ashamed of himself. I’m Thai. Although working as a University Professor in the US, I know very well that the Thaksin regime has been very bad to Thailand, economically and socially. The worse in Thailand history. It’s our duty to stand up and protect our country and say no more to this corrupt political system. It’s not that we don’t want the election, but we want the reform first so that the election can be clean and beneficial to Thailand.

  4. Thank you for providing such accurate information about the current political situation in Thailand.

    Every once in a while, there will be some Americans who really know what’s going on outside the United States like you, Mr. Tony Cartalucci.

    Keep up your good and accurate works.

  5. Anthony W says:

    My Thai friends once said that election-fraud cases are kinda very often in Thai “democracy” especially involving grass roots who sell their votes, usually remarkably cheaply, to corrupt candidates. That why they always have corrupt representatives to get back what they have invested when stepping into the parliament. This is one of the reasons why they need “a parliament of people”. They just need a radical change before starting a new era of democracy. It doesn’t mean they want less democracy!

  6. Mae Aaun says:

    Thank you very much for your excellent article. For me, I agree with this uprising. I don’t want our children to grow up in a country with huge corruption. It is unfair for us who pay tax to the bad government. I don’t want our children to live in a country with huge amount of government debt. If they still run the country, our next generation people have to pay for the government debt about 50 years.

  7. It is so hard to explain to our farang friends why we try to bring down so called a democratic government.
    Thank you 3 times, Khun Tony

  8. YET; there are very long complicated stories… on Thai politics…
    only we Thai people have hope for a better reform on our beloved Thailand before the election can be clean and beneficial to Thailand.

  9. Whitney says:

    Bravo!!! Tony Cartalucci, you know about Thailand’s political situation better than some Thais (esp. some supporters of Thai government).

  10. Vuchara says:

    The major difference between the current protest in Bangkok and other protests which have been taking places around the world is the Bangkok protest is not funded and manged by the US government or its agency.

  11. saisawart says:

    With our sincerely thank for your true story about Thailand.

  12. DTM858 says:

    Nice analysis of such journalists. There are too many of them already. They all base their pieces of writing on class warfare, urban vs rural inequality, how Thaksin helped poor people. They all again and again forget the fact that the MPs use others’ ID cards to swipe for the vote yes/no for the amnesty bill to whitewash serious crime that Thaksin did. Hugh amount of tax avoidance and killing 3,000 muslims in the south for the drug war without warrants. What would those journalists feel if their family members got killed just like the victims of Thaksin era. Democracy is a theatre play to which it is easy for a world villain to appear like a hero.

  13. Dear Tony,

    Thank you for your well-rounded article that wrench Fuller’s mask for the world to see. Truly appreciate you showing the other side of story of what actually happens in my country. “Democracy” has been used by Thaksin to fool the world for a very long time when in reality he is nowhere near it. Dictatorship wearing “Democracy” mask. That’s the best to describe Thaksin and his puppet sister.

  14. Paul Tanthakul says:

    Thank you so much for expressing the truth about Newyork Times article that clearly twisted the facts about Thailand political reforms. Comparing with the US or EU countries, Thai democratic system is pretty far from those standard. Please cheer us up for this important revolution. Thank you again for being truthful against immoral PR companies, the so called world’s media.

  15. I'm Thai says:

    Thanks Tony, I think most Thais would appreciate this well written article. It is so unbelievable how things could get so distorted by lobbyist in this world.

  16. Nasart says:

    This is one of a very few honest and sincere articles written by foreigners about the true situation in Thailand so far, unbiased and well research. Thank you very much Mr. Tony Cartalucci for speaking of the truth for.

  17. imron says:

    This article composed with the well-ethics on the career of the press !!! …. Shame on the NY times, the US government does not care about the democracy things, just the benefit only. Yingluck’s government under control of her brother, ThakSin, will agreed with the US GOV that setting up the army base on Uh-TaPao in Thailand. Counterbalance with the China on the Indo-China,

    So we cannot trust any information/article from the NY times especially that from the evil writer “Thomas Foolers”, which accept the money from the lobbyist company or US GOV.

    Pathertics Thomas Fooloers, Pathetics NY times

  18. ying says:

    Much gratitude indebted to you, Tony.
    Appreciate your courage to be truthful.

  19. Another Thai says:

    I see what are you trying to reveal some missing facts that NYT didn’t publish in article.But you completely forgot about the righteousness, we the rest of Thai people chose the represent by 1 man-1 vote that is called equity before protesters try to reform the rule,making the rich over the poor,making urban over rural.
    How could you think that it’s a democracy ?????????????????????

    What is democracy in your opinion ?
    You now are in propagandists across the Eastern media,like North Korea and China.
    Welcome to Thailand.

    • kraisorn kleawpatinon says:

      What would make the rich rule over the poor? The one man-one vote system will be back after the reform.

    • Vuchara says:

      Democracy is not just going to the poll. A democratic government must have virtue. A democratic parliament does not mean that you use the majority to force your way, or giving your card to your friend to vote on your behalf, not that for two years, the house did not pass any major bills, not that the house speaker can spend the tax payer money to bring journalists to tour Europe, not that the house purchases IPAD for the parliament members to browse porn site during during debating a bill and gave a silly excuse that his hand accidentally touch the screen and the majority in the house accept the excuse without further investigation.

      If you claim they are elected by the majority, then I have to say when the majority lack morality, the minority has the right to rebel. A whistle blower has never been majority in any society.

      Can you sincerely tell me which bull shit country is that?

      Do you call that democracy, I would rather call that democrazy.

      And yes, I have not mentioned that they are not given a consensus to corrupt.

      Democracy also does not mean that you can cheat the university entrant examination for your daughter, It also does not mean that the son of the prime minister has the right to cheat in the examination. Do you agree?

    • Cedile says:

      I don’t understand why you’re so afraid of the reformation when it will actually do all the people good. Why do you not want our beloved country free from corruption and conspiracy? Why are you so trying to forget the fact that corruption and such will come again if we hold an election first. Well, that’s why we need to re-regulate the rules and laws to prevent that from happening and that means that all politicians will have to be screened in and out no matter the circumstances. Also, I say do not worry, we ARE the pro-democracy movement and still want the traditional one-man-one-vote system BUT right now election fraud has to go. This country MUST be new-regulated and reformed first before it carries on.

      Don’t be naive. I know you have your adoration for Thaksin and his puppet governments but bribes-for-everything needs to end once and for all. Understand that our country is on the verge of collapsing and bankruptcy due to the governments under Thaksin’s control. Now, self-righteousness in his way and your way has no place here and cannot be found here anymore.

  20. wanyen says:

    Love Tony.

  21. Very well written(thank you very very much from a bottom of the my heart)
    From real Thai citizen

  22. Siriluk Hancock says:

    You have brought my faith in the reporterback

  23. Pechku says:

    Thank you for professional publishing.

  24. Nongboom says:

    Thank you Tony for published the truth, we don’t need ‘ less democracy’ but we need ‘True democracy’ since it never be democracy from the first place.

  25. Kanita says:

    You have made me have faith in international media again… Thank you very much, Tony. Glad that not all media can be bought!!!

    • Sandy says:

      Kanita, you are making a good point. It is worth also mentioning that nsnbc is not funded by corporations, by a government or by foundations. It depends very much on donations from its readers because it is free to read and subscribe. Maybe a good idea to help really independent media with donations instead of paying money for the NYT and other corrupt corporate funded, state funded and foundation funded propaganda tools.

  26. Nutjuju says:

    Thanks Tony.

  27. Yes., That true. We need real Democracy not only election so that why we need to reform before election.We don’t want a minute of time then said that Thailand got Democracy.Any-Way after election if still got corruption and dictatorship Goverment we still stand up to fiting with them cause we need real Democracy like your country.
    Tony Cartalucci,Appreciate your courage to be truthful.

  28. Lan kuntanet says:

    Tony, Thank you very much, You really understand poplical in Thailand very well and You know what you say.
    With my respect,

    Lan kuntanet

  29. Cedile says:

    Thank you, Tony, for standing up for us and educating a sellout like Thom-ass Fooler with truths and facts!

    Kudos to you. You’ve definitely earned my respect.

  30. Thank you for your words, it is very kind of your attention and sincere to write about the true situation in Thailand, from one of Thai protester!!!
    Big thanks for your standing for us. ^^

  31. triple sis says:

    Thank you so much Mr.Tony Cartalucci for your article. This one will help every foreigners getting more clearly understanding why 5 millions people and more are protesting and against the ugly government on the road.

  32. Sea says:

    Western media has no clue what is going on. This article is loaded with so many factual errors, I don’t even know where to start. Omit this article and go check out the blogs on for accurate reportage

  33. Helen Hoover says:

    I have enjoyed reading these Thank You’s to Tony Castalucci. We have a whom we call a Thi daughter in Bangkok who is also protesting, She lived with our family when she attended a high school in our home town in the USA. She is one special person who loves Thailand and wants the best for it. She is an ambassador for your great country. We love her very much . We hope that she and many of you other protesters will be successful in bringing about real needed change in your beautiful country. My husband and I spent a month there in 1990 and fell in love with your country as our Thai daughter has. I wish you the best.

  34. Kwang says:

    Thank you for your true voice and sincere opinion about what really happens in Thailand. I can’t help but puzzled to see a lot of western presses, especially those reputable ones, publish a one-sided pro-government story about the protest in Thailand. Can they be bought? That question never came to my mind until recently. Lobbyist it is then…

  35. Pattarawat says:

    Thank you so much Cartalucci for your nice article. We are Thai and we really would like to see better way of sustainable development. We hate great corruptions by this government.

  36. I want to thank all the people coming out and supporting my work … especially those helping pass the information along. We know we are winning and are in the right when all Thaksin’s people and their Western backers can do is name-call and outright lie.

    We are winning because we are working together and standing up for what is right. Let us not be tempted to enter the gutter with our opponents and ever adopt their tactics.

    Thanks again.

    -Tony Cartalucci

  37. sam says:

    now cambodian people want their “elected” leader to step down too.

  38. Temsak says:

    Thank you Tony.
    If American’s Government really supported our country, please take our PM Yingluck and her Peau Thai Party members to work with them!

  39. BB in BKK says:

    Bravo, Tony!!

    Your hit-the-nail-on-the-head article will save me so much time explaining to my ignorant and non-Thai friends why my folks, my friends and myself are out on the streets of Bangkok after work the past 7-8 weeks.!

    Given a license does not mean the so-called elected government can keep driving this zoo bus called Thailand off the road and all the way down the hill unstoppingly for 4 years! On the road, you get points if you cannot keep your “bus” in your lane, drive off your course or keep damaging your “bus” along the way. Eventually, your license will be revoked despite the four years validity. This is just what I and my millions “co-crimers” are doing, trying to stop the Driver and save our Bus before it goes all the way down to the bottom and smash into pieces!

    Isn’t it sad how the giant and (supposed to) know-it-all medias like NYT and BBC could turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what Thaksin and his parties have done to The Bus and choose to just stick to the only one fact that the Driver was “licensed” (no matter how)?

    Thank YOU (3 times), Tony!

  40. Boonchuay says:

    Thanks, Tony ,for help telling the truth to the world that are feeding with mis-information by those big name greedy reporters I believes same as US and UK governments. I used to believe that developed countries ‘ll support true democracy in developing countries, now I find that is too naive view. But I know there are many people with good mind unlike their governments.
    I ‘ll link Thai people to your url, the one with our respect.

  41. Hansa says:

    Thanks for this articles and the rest for presenting the facts in Thailand.

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