Published On: Fri, Nov 22nd, 2013

NZ Select Health Committee suggests nationwide mandatory fluoridation

nsnbc , - New Zealand’s Select Health Committee has proposed to implement nationwide, mandatory fluoridation of drinking water, effectively via the back door, by recommending that the authority to decide whether to fluoridate communities’ water supplies be transferred from local councils into the hands of the District Health Boards.

Glass-of-waterAccording to a press release from the Fluoride Action Network New Zealand (FANNZ), this would mean that the public will have no say over the decisions on fluoridation. If the proposal of the Select Health Committee will be adopted, the FANNZ stresses, “fluoridation could be rolled out to all the unfluoridated areas of New Zealand”.

According to the FANNZ, the affected districts would be Christchurch, Nelson, West Coast, Napier, New Plymouth, Whanganui, Rotorua, Tauranga, Whangarei and the Far North, all of which have either stopped fluoridation or have steadfastly rejected it.

The DHBs are legally bound to follow the dictates of the Ministry of Health without regard to the wishes of the people in their district.

The FANNZ argues, that two robust tribunals have shown that Ministry of Health cannot win the scientific or ethical argument when the people in affected communities are given a fair chance to hear both sides, referring to tribunal processes in New Plymouth and Hamilton.

The FANNZ argues, that the proposal is an attempt by the Select Committee, to remove the power of the local communities to avoid having to substantiate their position. The NGO underlines that science has changed dramatically in the past 15 years, and that members of the committee are lagging behind the times. Referring to modern research, the NGO states:

Fluoride does not work by being swallowed, fluoridated water is too weak to provide the benefits of fluoride toothpaste, and there are serious adverse health effects associated with swallowing fluoridated water.

The FANNZ warns, that the advice of the Select Health Committee, if it is implemented, constitutes both a threat to the health of New Zealanders as well as to democracy in the country, adding that Ireland and Singapore are the only countries in the world with mandatory fluoridation. The Health Minister of Israel, which until recently had mandatory fluoridation, has just banned it from 2014.

The NGO stressed that the committee needs to prove that it has listened to both sides, and that the public deserves open and transparent discussion on the fluoridation of drinking water.

Studies have correlated drinking water fluoridation to a number of health issues, including dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis, as well as male fertility.

Ch/L - nsnbc 22.11.2013

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  1. New Zealand is so thoroughly corrupt now. Despite that, some local councils are standing up to the central government about certain issues, such as GE, and so the corrupt central government is taking away their powers and placing them under their own control. All Environment Canterbury (regional council) councillors was fired by the central government and free elections are still not being held. This is equivalent to the US federal government disbanding a state senate and imposing their minions to run the state so they can despoil it of assets. The health boards are also famous for their corruption and the huge amount they pay their CEOs. This latest move is just another small example of how power is continually being concentrated into the hands of a criminal elite who are intent on raping the country of its assets and continuing to abuse its people. No wonder they just ran a military exercise with troops from about 10 different countries where the local people played the part of the enemy. All is not well in paradise.

  2. ben says:

    I refuse to be medicated against my will. join me.

  3. Steven says:

    The pro fluoride crowd often state that fluoride is already to be found in our rivers, so it can’t be too harmful to add just a bit more.
    But you can also find duck sh*t in those same rivers, would they argue for the dumping of more of that kind of effluent in those rivers? I’d hope not!!

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