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Bill Gates’ Polio Vaccine Program Caused 47,500 Cases of Paralysis Death

Bill Gates and 47,500 Cases of Paralysis

Joe Samuel (4M),- In India, Monsanto hired Bollywood actors to promote genetically engineered cotton seed to illiterate farmers. Nana Petakar became a brand ambassador for Monsanto. The advertising has been called “aggressive, unscrupulous and false.

Bill Gates, heavily invested in Monsanto’s GMOs as well as in vaccines, hired the most beloved of Indian actors, Amitabh Bachchan, to promote the oral polio vaccine.

Here is one example of the ads Bachchan created. Here is Bachchan and use of Bollywood itself to promote the vaccines, and here is another ad, in which Bachchan employes his acting skills.

BG1The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation says:

“Worldwide efforts in the last two decades have reduced the number of polio cases by 99 percent. Until we reach eradication, however, we are working with governments and all partners in the polio effort to ensure no child is at risk of either contracting or transmitting this crippling disease.”

Monsanto used Bollywood actors and succeeded in selling India’s farmers Bt cotton seeds. Profits for Monsanto rose. When yields were less than promised, farmers incurred massive debt, leading many to suicide, in what is considered “the worst-ever recorded wave of suicides of this kind in human history.” To date, the number of suicides has surpassed 250,000.

P. Sainath details this neoliberal terrorism:

“With giant seed companies displacing cheap hybrids and far cheaper and hardier traditional varieties with their own products, a cotton farmer in Monsanto’s net would be paying far more for seed than he or she ever dreamed they would. Local varieties and hybrids were squeezed out with enthusiastic state support. In 1991, you could buy a kilogram of local seed for as little as Rs.7 or Rs.9 in today’s worst affected region of Vidarbha. By 2003, you would pay Rs.350 — ($7) — for a bag with 450 grams of hybrid seed. By 2004, Monsanto’s partners in India were marketing a bag of 450 grams of Bt cotton seed for between Rs.1,650 and Rs.1,800 ($33 to $36).”

Long after it was apparent that Monsanto was having a lethal impact on India, Bill Gates who says he wants to help the poor in India, made a huge investment in Monsanto. Does Gates care that he invested in a company that has left poor children of India without their fathers and lost them their land they had lived on?

BG2How is Gates’ other investment – vaccines – faring?  Mimicking Monsanto’s PR, Gates used Bollywood actors to strongly promote his vaccine campaign to ‘eradicate polio’ across India. Vaccines ware given to Indian children. Have they brought health?

From “Polio programme: let us declare victory and move on” by Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel at Medical Ethics

“In 2011 there were an extra 47500 new cases of NPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis]. Clinically indistinguishable from polio paralysis but twice as deadly, the incidence of NPAFP was directly proportional to doses of oral polio received. Through this data was collected within the polio surveillance system, it was not investigated.”

The Oral Polio Vaccines were given to Indian children. The CDC dropped the OPV from its vaccine schedule in the US because it was causing polio.

“In 1976, Dr. Jonas Salk, creator of the killed-virus vaccine used in the 1950s, testified that the live-virus vaccine (used almost exclusively in the U.S. from the early 1960s to 2000) was the ‘principal if not sole cause’ of all reported polio cases in the U.S. since 1961 [44]. (The virus remains in the throat for one to two weeks and in the feces for up to two months. Thus, vaccine recipients are at risk, and can potentially spread the disease, as long as fecal excretion of the virus continues [45].) In 1992, the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an admission that the live-virus vaccine had become the dominant cause of polio in the United States [36]. In fact, according to CDC figures, every case of polio in the U.S. since 1979 was caused by the oral polio vaccine [36]. Authorities claim the vaccine was responsible for about eight cases of polio every year [46]. However, an independent study that analyzed the government’s own vaccine database during a recent period of less than five years uncovered 13,641 reports of adverse events following use of the oral polio vaccine. These reports included 6,364 emergency room visits and 540 deaths (Figure 3) [47,48]. Public outrage at these tragedies became the impetus for removing the oral polio vaccine from immunization schedules [36:568;37;38].”

Did Gates not know the OPV had been dropped in the US as he suggested he wanted to bring the same good health to third world countries as Western countries enjoyed? If he did not know, is he pushing vaccines on the world’s children without such basic and truly critical information?

Neetu Vashisht and Jacob Puliyel at St. Stephens Hospital in Delhi address the question of eradication:

“The charade about polio eradication and the great savings it will bring has persisted to date. It is a paradox that while the director general of WHO, Margret Chan, and Bill Gates are trying to muster support for polio eradication (22) it has been known to the scientific community, for over 10 years, that eradication of polio is impossible. This is because in 2002 scientists had synthesised a chemical called poliovirus in a test-tube with the empirical formula C332,652H492,388N98,245O131,196P7, 501S2,340. It has been demonstrated that by positioning the atoms in sequence, a particle can emerge with all the properties required for its proliferation and survival in nature (23, 24).” [Emphasis added.]

“Wimmer writes that the test-tube synthesis of poliovirus has wiped out any possibility of eradicating poliovirus in the future. Poliovirus cannot be declared extinct because the sequence of its genome is known and modern biotechnology allows it to be resurrected at any time in vitro. Man can thus never let down his guard against poliovirus. Indeed the 18-year-old global eradication campaign for polioviruses will have to be continued in some format forever. The long promised ‘infinite’ monetary benefits from ceasing to vaccinate against poliovirus will never be achieved (24). The attraction that ‘eradication’ has for policy makers will vanish once this truth is widely known.”


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is apparently out of touch with what the scientific community has known for 10 years, as its website’s page on polio indicates”

2011 Annual Letter from Bill Gates: Ending Polio

Aid for the poorest has already achieved a lot. For example, because of donors’ generosity, we are on the threshold of ending polio once and for all.

And then the Foundation continues about how terrible polio is and how many children it paralyzed and killed.

Polio is a terrible disease that kills many and paralyzes others. Fifty years ago it was widespread around the world. When you talk to people who remember polio in the United States, they’ll tell you about the fear and panic during an outbreak and describe grim hospital wards full of children in iron lungs that maintained their breathing. At its peak in the United States in 1952, polio paralyzed or killed more than 24,000 people.

But in 2011 alone, the Bill and Melinda Gates’ polio vaccine campaign in India caused 47,500 cases of paralysis and death.

From Vashisht and Puliyel:

“It has been reported in the Lancet that the incidence of AFP, especially non-polio AFP has increased exponentially in India after a high potency polio vaccine was introduced (25). Grassly and colleagues suggested, at that time, that the increase in AFP was the result of a deliberate effort to intensify surveillance and reporting in India (26). The National Polio Surveillance Programme maintained that the increased numbers were due to reporting of mild weakness, presumably weakness of little consequence (27).

“However in 2005, a fifth of the cases of non-polio AFP in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) were followed up after 60 days. 35.2% were found to have residual paralysis and 8.5% had died (making the total of residual paralysis or death – 43.7%) (28). Sathyamala examined data from the following year and showed that children who were identified with non-polio AFP were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection (27).

“Data from India on polio control over 10 years, available from the National Polio Surveillance Project, has now been compiled and made available online for it to be scrutinised by epidemiologists and statisticians (29). This shows that the non-polio AFP rate increases in proportion to the number of polio vaccines doses received in each area.

“Nationally, the non-polio AFP rate is now 12 times higher than expected. In the states of Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar, which have pulse polio rounds nearly every month, the non-polio AFP rate is 25- and 35-fold higher than the international norms. The relationship of the non-polio AFP rate is curvilinear with a more steep increase beyond six doses of OPV in one year. The non-polio AFP rate during the year best correlates to the cumulative doses received in the previous three years. Association (R2) of the non-polio AFP rate with OPV doses received in 2009 was 41.9%.

BG eugenics“Adding up doses received from 2007 increased the association (R2 = 55.6% p < 0.001) (30). Population density did not show any association with the non-polio AFP rate, although others have suggested that it is related to polio AFP (31). The international incidence of non-polio AFP is said to be 1 to 2/100,000 in the populations under 15 (32, 33). The benchmark of good surveillance is the ability to detect one case of AFP per 100,000 children even in the absence of polio (34).

“In 2011, an additional 47,500 children were newly paralysed in the year, over and above the standard 2/100,000 non-polio AFP that is generally accepted as the norm. (32-33). [Emphasis added.]

“It is sad that, even after meticulous surveillance, this large excess in the incidence of paralysis was not investigated as a possible signal, nor was any effort made to try and study the mechanism for this spurt in non-polio AFP. [Emphasis added.]

“These findings point to the need for a critical appraisal to find the factors contributing to the increase in non-polio AFP with increase in OPV doses – perhaps looking at the influence of strain shifts of entero-pathogens induced by the vaccine given practically once every month.

“From India’s perspective the exercise has been extremely costly both in terms of human suffering and in monetary terms. It is tempting to speculate what could have been achieved if the $2.5 billion spent on attempting to eradicate polio were spent on water and sanitation and routine immunization.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is apparently out of touch with what is known about the impossibility of eradicating polio, but it is not out of touch with the money involved.

“…. the last 1 percent remains a true danger. Eradication is not guaranteed. It requires campaigns to give polio vaccine to all children under 5 in poor countries, at a cost of almost $1 billion per year. We have to be aggressive about continuing these campaigns until we succeed in eradicating that last 1 percent.

“Therefore, funding is critical to success. Organizations such as Rotary International and the governments of India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan are all major contributors to the polio campaign. Our foundation gives about $200 million each year. But the campaign still faces a 2011-12 funding gap of $720 million. If eradication fails because of a lack of generosity on the part of donor countries it would be tragic. We are so close, but we have to finish the last leg of the journey. We need to bring the cases down to zero, maintain careful surveillance to ensure the virus is truly gone, and keep defenses up with polio vaccines until we’ve confirmed success.”

The Foundation’s page on polio begins with urging eradication which is known to not be possible, but it ends with wanting money. Like Monsanto’s Bt seeds which were an agricultural and financial disaster for India’s farmers, Gate’s polio vaccine campaign has been the same – a public health and financial disaster for India.

We have seen how polio, that was not a priority for public health in India, was made the target for attempted eradication with a token donation of $ 0.02 billion. The Government of India finally had to fund this hugely expensive programme, which cost the country 100 times more than the value of the initial grant.

Did Monsanto stop their sale of Bt cotton seeds after it became apparent that farmers were being destroyed by overwhelming debt, the poor yields of the seeds and their inability to save seeds?

Has anyone from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation rushed to India to suspend their polio vaccines until crucial questions can be answered about their causingNPAFP [non-polio acute flaccid paralysis] and deaths?

Is the Foundation addressing the lack of vaccine safety? Vaccine safety may be a sensitive subject as Mr. Gates is on record in saying that “people who engage in anti-vaccine efforts [those questioning the safety of vaccines] kill children.”

And yet Mr. Gates’ polio campaign has been documented to have paralyzed 47,5000 children.  Puliyel says that “children who were identified with non-polio AFP were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection (27).”

Bill Gates gives no figures or any details to back up his claim that people skeptical of vaccines are killing children, but he referred to parents didn’t give their children the pertussis vaccine and measles vaccines and children dying. However, Mr. Gates may not be aware that teens in Canada vaccinated for measles have come down with measles in greater numbers than the unvaccinated and vaccinated children who are developing pertussis (whooping cough).

From Investigative News Source:

· For pertussis cases in which vaccination histories are known, between 44 and 83 percent were of people who had been immunized, according to data from nine California counties with high infection rates. In San Diego County, more than two thirds of the people in this group were up to date on their immunizations.

· Health officials in Ohio and Texas, two states experiencing whooping cough outbreaks, report that of all cases, 75 and 67.5 percent respectively, reported having received a pertussis vaccination.
· Today, the rate of disease in some California counties is as high as 139 per 100,000, rivaling rates before vaccines were developed.

· Public officials around the world rely heavily on two groups of pertussis experts when setting vaccine policy relating to the disease. Both groups, and many of their members,receive money from the two leading manufacturers of pertussis vaccine.

· Dr. Fritz Mooi, a well-known Dutch scientist who has been studying mutations of the pertussis bacteria for 15 years, said a more virulent strain of bacteria is contributing to outbreaks.

The polio vaccine uses a synthetic virus which has created a more virulent strain. Does the pertussis vaccine also use a synthetic virus?

The WHO, which is working with Mr. Gates through GAVI, classifies the paralysis occurring in India as non-polio acute flaccid paralysis (NPAFP). Perhaps Bill Gates might consider that while Monsanto’s Bollywood PR worked to sell Bt seeds and Gates’ Bollywood PR worked to push his polio vaccines, no Monsanto PR changes the reality of the farmers’ suicides. And ‘relabeling’ paralysis after the vaccines were given does not change the facts. Paralysis is paralysis to the child who can no longer walk. Death is death to the parents who have lost a child.

Mr. Gates intends to vaccinate every child in the world. He has not been slowed in that commitment despite the mass numbers of death and paralysis of children in India. Not pausing from and not even investigating the disaster he has already caused, how many more children will Mr. Gates “help”?

Joe Samuel via The 4th Media first published at Food Freedom News

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  1. Robert Davis says:

    For another view. consult “””””” Expect to see more and more antivax articles in the next couple of years, as the world consigns polio to the history books. The eradication of smallpox, and now the imminent demise of polio, are bad news for the antivax lobby.

    • Steven says:

      The site you are referring to has close ties to the same people who are pushing the vaccines – which means that it is definitely not neutral. Besides that, it fails to disclose the fact appropriately, also in the so-called facts it publishes. nsnbc international on the other hand, is not an antivax site, as you are trying to imply, but an independent daily newspaper. It makes it in my opinion more trustworthy than the provax site you want to push, and more trustworthy that i.e. Murdoch´s media who were pushing an extremely biased pro-vaccination campaign before a parliamentary vote in NSW resulted in legislation so all children in child care centers “have to” be vaccinated, and centers who take not vaccinated kids in “are fined”. Nobody here argues per se against vaccinations. What is being argued against is failure to probably disclose funding, failure to publish harmful effects of vaccines, conflict of interests (non-disclosed) in academic literature, magazine ownership, and we could go on ad nauseam. When thousands of children are crippled or dye from vaccines, what argument in the world would there be against taking the product off the market until more – independent studies are done, a safe product is developed and if that is impossible, – don´t poison, cripple, and kill people and call it good medical practice on provax websites..Compliment to the editors here.

      • Dr. Hurt says:

        You rock, Stephen! So nice to hear an educated representation of factual information.
        So tired of the common inflammatory bashing and redundancy of expletive rants.
        Refreshing and informative :-)

      • Kirk says:

        nice reply. Shills are everywhere so it seems to me pharma is motivated and concerned. People are waking up.

      • Does it amaze anybody that by the time the truth of how the govt. and medical community has used people as guinea pigs for so long- that the facts are then released to us years later as in a- matter of fact- way? And then…in a matter of fact way- Gates can just waltz into a company- commit atrocious crimes against humanity- and again- we are being told in a matter fact way- like- hey, by the way- this is what Gates did. Why do we not see him wearing handcuffs walking into a courtroom? Right in our faces. The news can be overwhelming because the elites can basically do anything they want to do to further their agenda and we are powerless to fight for real justice. It really is a rich mans world.

        • Mariya says:

          If you have enough money you can literally get away with murder in broad daylight. Sad, really.

        • Mary says:

          EXACTLY! …And WE, the patients and potential patients… and citizens… watching all this…. WHY are not more people rising up and demanding accountability for what we see in the media? If it were the 60s… we’d be out in the streets. WHAT happened to us?

          Or the Constitutional lawyers – WHERE ARE THEY?

          None of this will be changed unless WE MAKE the law.

      • Thank you, Steven for your fact-based comment. Propaganda works, and the elevation of “science” to the status of religion represents a danger to all of us. The corporate-government connection to the promotion and funding of different products is routinely ignored by the ill-informed and gullible. The fundamental driving-force behind corporate entities is profit. There is nothing humanitarian about it. We have known this for a long-time. The cost-benefit analysis widely applied by industries translates into “acceptable” levels of deaths or crippling diseases. These are avoidable life-long consequences for the victims. The EU has different parameters for protecting their population, but they are slowly being eroded by the US corporate government’s so-called trade deals. We need to wake up to the truth. Prominent scientists from all over the world, including many Nobel Prize laureates have denounced the practices of corporate Big Pharma, the Bio Tech industries, etc, and government collusion to hide the real dangers behind their products. Many so-called scientists are merely corporate PR people. So it’s really important to be informed about what is going on, to do the research in an objective manner, and stop the sports mentality “my team” against “your team” when it comes to issues such as these.

        • Thank you Steven, for the positive feedback on nsnbc and thanks Dolores.
          You are both making great points. So do may others in this debate. I’m glad our newspaper can facilitate that.
          An additional point that is worth consideration was raised in a recent article by Tony Cartalucci, in Local.Org (and nsnbc). He suggests that instead of anti-vaccine movements one might be better served by focusing an an anti-big-pharma movement and on reasserting control and sovereignty by local initiatives. Not a bad idea. Thank you all for reading nsnbc.

    • Hr. Davis.
      Another view is always welcome, but referring to XX number of positive results, even if the reports are trustworthy, does not mitigate the fact that a vaccine, that causes the death of 47.000 children and maims even more, hardly can be described as “safe”.

      The mere fact that one would ignore such data implies criminal negligence. Promoting strongly biased data which ignore the mortality rates and health risks, as well as the social and economical factors that are correlated with it, “should” imply criminal negligence, and should be pursued as such. –

      If you really were unbiased, and if the website you suggest and those behind it were really unbiased, rather than tending toward being criminally negligent, the very least one would expect, would be that You (plural) would say and publish something to the effect of:

      “There are serious health risks correlated with the polio vaccine. The correlations strongly indicate a causal relation. In order to continue eradicating Polio, and in order to prevent tragic mortality rates caused by the vaccine, we strongly suggest, in fact we demand, that the vaccination program should be suspended until these risks have been mitigated by developing, testing and approving a safe and effective vaccine before continuing the vaccination program. We urge legislators to pass legislation which guaranties an appropriate compensation for those who have been directly and indirectly affected by the vaccines adverse effects.

      Then, even those who are informed would begin taking You (plural) seriously, rather than considering You as tending toward being criminally negligent. Back to the auditorium to brush up basic ethics.

      • Jim Moore says:

        Isn’t it interesting that companies such as GSK and PFizer and other suppliers of vaccinations, have been granted specific immunity against deaths caused by vaccinations?

        Are they that safe that these companies feel the need to indemnify themselves to the point where anybody who tries to sue them when Little Johnny keels over stone dead after a needle is told “Oh, you can’t sue GSK, it’s not their fault YOUR KID WAS WEAK!”

        • Dear JIM MOORE:
          Thank you for the comment. Before I proceed, let me straighten out a formality.. I’m commenting as private citizen, and not in my function as editor of nsnbc… That said. YES you are making a brilliant point about the exemption of big pharma from legal liability with regards to vaccines. Dr. Puliyel, among many other experts repeatedly stressed the issue that vaccine safety, transparency, anti-corruption etc must be prioritized.

          Now, the really operand question,: Rather than discussing individual cases is this:
          “How do you get people to organize on a local, national and international level while keeping focused on legislation about vaccine safety, big pharma’s legal liability etc while keeping distractions and distractors who discredit legitimate demands at bay?”

          I don’t have a solution, but one good starting point would maybe to support experts like Dr. Jacob Puliyel, and to establish a well organized, well-financed campaign. As it is, I see a movement in disarray, infiltrated by cointelpro agents to discredit legitimate calls and little resistance against a well-organized, well-financed big pharma.

          How about focusing on “Hold Big Pharma Accountable” instead of “anti-vaccines”.. Just one possible suggestion to rally greater support.

          Below a comment written in my function as editor, which I believe is sufficient to warn that any strategist’s worst mistake is to under-estimate the resources big-pharma uses on the issue.

          PS: As editor of nsnbc, let me assure you that we received literally hundreds of comments under various names, from numerous unconfirmed e-mail addresses, originating from the same, very few IP addresses. We filter them with our spam filter. We see an organized attempt to distract and discredit.

    • Your Name... says:

      Extraordinary myopia from Robert Davis. Misses the entire point it seems.

    • constantine says:

      this Foundation should stop playing God –this must be the wife’s Catholic influence as social change is prominent catholic and parochial theme (why my kids and grandkids go to scholar private schools)
      No one in tens of decades in my family including my now adult children and grand children have ever had a polio vaccination or other vaccine- we’re all remarkably healthy. DON”T LET THE GATES TOUCH YOUR KIDS.

    • Liam says:

      If you can read this article and put a comment on a post like this, you must be stupid, gullible, heartless or a paid troll. Either do some proper research or go get an oral polio vaccination for yourself, if you can not get through your head that your comment is defending and pushing the death or paralysis of over 40000 innocent Indian children, then you are morally corrupt and inhuman. Your comment is disturbing and people like you will only ever believe when you experience the absolute destruction of a beautiful healthy baby from being a Perfect birth with perfect reactions and normal infant behavior. 2 hours after the first Vaccination, my baby cousin died from severe seizures. Ruled in court as a direct result of the vaccination. You have deeply offended me

  2. Yog Soggoth says:

    Wow, I am all for population control, but I would never kill anyone much less paralyze 48,000 children! Bill Gates and his wife are the Devil incarnated. Just his investments in Monsanto prove that without this Hitleresque atrocity.

    • All scientific data (unless you call Malthusian quackademics science ) show that the most effective population control is:
      a) education
      b) social justice, eradication of poverty
      c) social security and functional local communities
      d) peace and food security
      Look at any country with a well established middle class, free and good education, job-security, social security, food-security and peace, and you will see that birth rates are considerably lower than in countries which lack those characteristics, to the extend that birth rates are actually negative. – We have no need for Hitleresque, nor for Malthusian insanity. Yes, you are right about Monsanto.

      • Alex. Illi says:

        You got it so right, Hr. Lehmann. kudos!

      • Bart Poap says:

        A known fact, that, sadly, isn’t widely known.

        Nicely put, sir. Kudos to you.

      • Nikhil says:

        Thanks Christof for the clarity

      • george says:

        the slowing population growth in my belief is not from education, social security or social justice. most everyone i know, here in new york attribute it to a country falling into decline. the lack of decent education, crime, all out corruption on every level. in a more conserative era people decided on starting a family in belief of a better future. almost anyone now agrees the world is going in the wrong direction, thanks to neoliberal terrorism.

      • John Doran says:

        Prosperity rises in line with population increase.
        Book: Merchants of Despair, by nuclear PhD engineer Robert Zubrin.
        Deals with the world’s elite 1%’s depopulation agenda.

  3. Vidhata says:

    Its upto the scientists to remove, reduce the adverse event part of oral polio vaccination and not upto Gates foundation. They may be doing it with all good intentions and results are there to see in India where millions of new born are getting this vaccine and since 2013 jan there is not a single case. This article is one sided and biased.

    • Scientists should remove adverse effects, correct. They should also correct adverse effects if possible, i.e. screen for mycoplamas which is “too costly”. And state institutions should not approve of any vaccines which have known and dangerous adverse effects. It is frequently done aniways and that is one of the main problems.About the Bill Gates Foundation. Your statement would have validity if it was not for the proven fact that Mr. Gates intends to reduce the world’s population, and especially non white populations. The information that there was not a single case in 2013 is misinformation and the concurrence of your with posts from a known spammer for makes your comment highly questionable to begin with. ;)Warm regards. Fahwad al-Khadoumi – Comment moderator who receives large ammounts of those kind of comments – many of them from the same IP address. How naive do you think we are?

      To see which kind of problems you have in India, with the approval of drugs, this article should explain a lot: New Indian Anti-Diarrhea Vacine. Science by Proclamation.

    • Mariya says:

      Ahem, they had to know which vaccine they were ordering. Of all the evils you can attribute to Gates stupidity is not one.

      • Mariya, I fully agree with your argument but for the matter of clarification, let us for a moment give him the credit of doubt and assume that Bill Gates is a stupid as he is rich. In that case we still:
        * Need to demand that no pharmaceutical corporation is exempt for liability for any of the medicines they produce and sell, vaccines included.
        * Need to work hard so we get passed legislation that requires that no trials shall go unheralded and legislation that prohibits the revolving door policies between big pharma and regulators.
        I don’t even want to get into the fact that readily available research shows that the cancer epidemic that began in the USA during the 50s was directly correlated to a polio vaccine and that the decision to distribute it was made, knowing that it was carcinogenic. W
        *What we need is to fight for legislation that put criminals behind bars – billionaires included – and for that we need to support independent media like the one you are reading now. Please support nsnbc with a small monthly donation – put a little bit of money where your moth is, so to speak. I had the pleasure to personally meet the founder and editor of nsnbc during a train ride and know that he has actually paid and continues paying for this newspaper to barely survive. Thanks – and I agree, Gates is not stupid; Just criminal.

  4. Desiree Rover says:

    Vaccination is every eugenicist’s wet dream. As are chemical food additives (aspartame, MSG). As are genetically manipulated food crops. As are chemtrails. As are… The list is endless.
    Time to wake up, folks!

  5. Manu says:

    Do vaccinations really work? It’s time to really do your own honest research before you decide for or against engineered ‘immunity’

  6. Kent says:

    The problem with the killed vaccine is that it is delivered via injection. After years of fraud and the current misinformation being spread about, many individuals in third world countries are hesitant to allow something to be injected into them. The live vaccine more closely resembles the way the virus is transmitted (ie oral-fecal). The lingering virus is a problem though. It seems the best option would be to continue to educate people about why the injectable vaccine is safer.

    • Bouncedancer says:

      Kent, the injected polio vaccine is not safe. My son got the injection because his nephew is a paraplegic in a wheelchair after the oral polio vaccine. My son had such a reaction that I said over my dead body does he get any more. That started me on the path of finding out more about the fraudulent science re vaccines.

  7. somitcw says:

    Why not the truth for once?
    Polio is transmitted from feces of an infected person to the mouth of another.
    The U.S.A. got rid of polio by treating human waste.
    The OPV vaccine caused polio but it could not spread outside of a diaper changer because the U.S.A. treats human waste.
    The OPV polio vaccine extended polio in the U.S.A. for decades. We are lucky that someone didn’t invent an oral cholera or typhoid vaccine so those diseases were allowed to stop when the U.S.A. started treating human waste.

  8. Dr. Leo Rebello says:

    Arrest Mr Bill Gates and Mrs. Melinda Gates for this crime. Stop this evil now.

    • Kirk McLoren says:

      The vaccine used by Gates is banned in the US due to its high rate of infection. Criminal act to have used it.

    • Dprang says:

      Dr. R.K. Gupta was arrested for sterilization in India, after many deaths.
      India Government banned Monsanto after huge number of cotton farmers committed suicide from going bankrupt. Why is the government of India allowing the Gates to continue…
      India must not allow their people to be guinea pigs!

  9. Manish says:

    I have a child aged 16 months. I resides in India. My doctor gives vaccination dose to my child within interval of 2-3 days. following vaccinations are given by my doctor- 1) Hepatitis A, MMRV and Chickenpox.
    When i read general recommendations on vaccination 2012. I was surprised that my doctor dose not follow the general guidelines for minimum interval of vaccinations during treatment.
    Please suggest solution of this problem to get proper immunity for all above three vaccines.

    • Dear Manish.
      I understand your concern, but this is a newspaper, not a medical facility. I would not recommend anyone to take medical advice based on comments in a newspaper. Neither do I want to give medical advice to you here. It would be illegal and unethical. That said, I believe that the most appropriate and empowering course of action for you would be to a) have a serious talk with your medical doctor b) find another medical doctor who has a science based, critical opinion about vaccines c) eventually contact someone who is an expert on vaccines and knows India… .. Then, when you feel satisfied that you have received the best possible information, make an informed decision… Maybe reading this article by Dr. Puliyel will point you in a positive direction.. Best regards. Christof Lehmann, editor.

      NB.: The passage about not giving or receiving medical advise in comment sections is addressed to all nsnbc international readers.

    • somitcw says:

      Manish, most reasonable doctors would not give both non-therapeutic MMRV vaccine and non-therapeutic chickenpox vaccines at the same time for two reasons:
      1. The “V” in non-therapeutic MMRV is non-therapeutic chickenpox vaccine. So why give non-therapeutic chickenpox vaccine on top of non-therapeutic chickenpox vaccine?.
      2. MMRV is seldom used.because giving non-therapeutic measles vaccine and non-therapeutic chickenpox vaccine at the same time doubles the incidence of febrile seizures to about one in 2,800.
      Please check with a different doctor, preferably one that is not extreme pro-vax or extreme anti-vax but one that understands the issues and will work for your benefit.
      It also helps to ask a doctor which non-therapeutic procedures and injections that the doctor accepts for themselves and their children.

  10. Sl King says:

    I am impressed with the article and the reasoned responses on the threads. Thank you for this.

  11. Hindi Publishing House India says:

    This newspaper is highly informatics, crisp and clear.

  12. mteresh says:

    Being rich is not equal to having a clear mind in human health and medicine. A vaccine idea is not that wrong, but what vaccine is made of now can kill and will kill thousands of innocent kids and adults.

    Making vaccines on a high-scale operation (for making billion of dollars on it) for the entire world supply, requires preserving it (keeping it fresh), which involves aluminum ingredient in it. This is the contemporary horror along with the nightmare of the genetically engineered proteins, both of which Bill Gates is a great supporter and advocate.

    I wish he would talk and advise on computers only – it would be less tragic for the humankind.

    “Dear Mr. Gates, adopt a child and start feeding the child with the GMO foods every day of the kinds we are fed with here daily in US (no choices we really have), and vaccinate them with vaccines you’re seriously fond of – those with aluminum in, then… in 3 years from now we start listening to what you may reveal…”

  13. denden says:

    my eyes gets tired reading this long informative article,but it’s ok i enjoyed reading this but not enjoyed to the damage done by this suspicious my own opinion they really want to do this mass murder through this vaccine.i just don’t know which of them even bill is endorsing this.i hope bill get to scrutinize this.

  14. Jim Jekyll says:

    Not to forget, that merely all vaccines contain the preservative thiomersal based on mercury, which is voilà – a nerve poison.

  15. Jane says:

    If Gates really wanted to help children in the third world he would help provide clean water.. the single most factor likely to save the lives not only of children but of villages and towns

  16. Jeanette says:

    Thank you for this excellent, well written, fact based article. It’s refreshing to read an article on vaccines where the comments are intelligent and respectful. I agree with many of the comments, especially that what we really need to improve health and prevent disease is clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene and access to good nutrition. The need is not for more vaccines; it is for these basic necessities of life. Thank you again!

  17. Nikhil says:

    The problem with vaccination strategy:
    X disease that comes from the wild, kills, say, 1 in 10k people.
    Y vaccine for that disease, is artificially created and has side effects which affect, say, 0.1% of its recipients severely. Or, 1 in 1000 people. It also creates less severe but still chronic side-effects needing medical attention in, say, 1% of recipients.
    To save that 1 in 10k people, you create a costly per-person population-wide intervention program.
    As a result, now 10 of those 10k babies are having adverse side effects, which is probably going to bar them from ever living wholesome lives. Also, 100 of the 10k babies are going to be spending money on medical care and not living fully healthy lives.

    When all that was really needed, was to improve the sanitation and environment and water, food quality that the 10k babies were going to grow up with. Which would have been much, much cheaper than the combined costs of vaccinating every last one of them, of treating adverse effects on 10 of them till they die young, and lifelong treating 100 of them.

    Even from a non-emotional, downright practical and cost-benefit analysis point of view, Vaccination is simply a bad idea.

  18. Chaplain Bob Walker says:

    Thanks for the article and connecting the dots. These super wealthy elite are in it for the money it seems. Clean drinking water and waste disposal would “cure” many of the disease problems in third world counries.

    However what “profit” is there in that? Yes population control is the byword with “global warming” due to “overpopulation” they claim.

  19. naliwan says:

    We should ask Bill Gates if he gives all the vaccines that he promotes to his own children.

  20. Janet K. Oneal says:

    There are many disturbing things in this article. Fortunately OPV has been replaced with the inactivated polio vaccine in the US. Since this strain of oral vaccine is causing significant paralysis and problems, it should be stopped immediately.

    As a physician I would like to further investigate many of your comments. I am disappointed that there are no references to your quotes, since many of them are directly opposed to other things I read.

    • nsnbc says:

      Dear Janet K. Oneal.
      We are glad that you, as a physician, agree and read nsnbc international. If you check nsnbc in e.g. Alexa, you will see that people of higher education are over represented among nsnbc readers. That said, don’t confuse a nsnbc, as a daily newspaper with a scientific journal. You would probably not ask the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or the BBC for references, In fact, you would get less there (if they would cover the issue at all). Our function as a newspaper is to raise awareness. You say you are a physician, so take it from there, right? Thank you for reading nsnbc, we appreciate it. For co-editor Fahwad al-Khadoumi. Hanne Sørensen.

  21. CATRYNA says:

    It made me sick years ago when they first started this campaign of using the oral Polio vaccine in India after pulling it from the USA market, because of knowing it caused Polio. These people have a lot to account for. Criminals all!

  22. Sidney C says:

    I saw a video a few days ago in which Bill Gates stated that we must bring down the world population through such programs as birth control,…and vaccines. Not a direct quote but the message was definitely clear. Was it a slip of the tongue? Hmmm

  23. JanC says:

    Bill Gates may be a good business man, but that does not make him a wise man. It becomes dangerous when such a man because of his position is going to dictate world politics. It becomes even more dangerous when people as Gates who without any exception have made their fortune over the backs of others are going to dictate the future of this Earth. This shall never happen !!!!

  24. Just when I had about given up hope on any true journalism, I saw this. thank-you for putting in the time and effort to thoroughly review this info and having the courage to post it.
    You are a rarity.

  25. Dr Eke says:

    Good to read all the comments especially that of Dolores Bardoneschi.The key problem is the gullibility of the public. Simple word of mouth to friends and family goes a long way. Their is hope when some people are aware.

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