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NATO Prepares Global War – Russian and Chinese Military on Highest Alert

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : At the International Security Conference (ISC) in Munich, 2007, Vladimir Putin warned western leaders, that the unprecedented aggressive expansion of NATO has brought the world closer to a third world war than ever before. 

PM Vladimir Putin at the International Security Conference in Munich, Germany, in 2007.

Vladimir Putin at the International Security Conference in Munich, Germany, in 2007.

This stern warning came years before NATO’s aggression against Libya and its undeclared war in Syria and Pakistan. Following the recent deployment of US troops to Uganda, and military threats directed against Pakistan, the armed forces of NATO, Russia and China have never been as close to open and all out conflict as today and a war in Ukraine is looming.

A recent and sobering report of the Russian Intelligence Service FSB, details the fact that the USA and NATO are currently planning and actively preparing for all out war on all continents. After the recent meeting between Russian P.M. Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Huan Jintao, both the Russian and the Chinese military forces were put on highest alert.

The speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin at the 43rd International Security Conference in Munich in 2007, and Putin’s statement, that the aggressive expansionism of NATO has brought the world closer to a third world war than it has ever been before was sobering in 2007. That an all out conflict has been prevented until now however, is not based on the fact that NATO has changed its aggressive policy of military expansionism. Putin’s 2007 speech was sobering then, and few understood its full implications. The developments of recent months, however, are eliciting the urgent need to stop a cycle of aggression that can only be described as megalomaniacs insanity.

In the middle of September 2011 the members of the Russian Parliament (Duma) began discussing the need for a significant reduction of NATO’s military footprint in the former Soviet Republics and former Warsaw Pact member States. By early October these debates had developed into calls, demanding that Russia assert its interests in the former Soviet Republics and especially in the South. It is worth noting that senior Western Statesmen confirmed that the agreement that NATO would not arm former Warsaw Pact member States and Soviet Republics as a mutual understanding that, in the words of Roland Dumas, was “the essence of peace”.

NATO’s use of its Article V and deployment of NATO troops to Afghanistan significantly increased NATO’s military footprint along Russia’s and China’s southern borders and spheres of interest. NATO and NATO member states also increased their military footprint in, e.g. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and not least in Georgia.

The fact that Russian and NATO troops came into open armed conflict when Georgia attacked Ossetia, and the US backed, armed insurgency in Chechnya, are underpin the fact that Russia confronted with a growing strategic threat. A clear response by Vladimir Putin to the State Duma’s demands for policy changes came on 3 October, after Putin received a sobering Intelligence Report, that warned of US and NATO preparations of a global war. The issuing of the report on October 3 to Putin coincided, and came only days before Putin’s meeting with Jintao and the announcement of plans for the establishment of the Eurasian Union.

The meeting between the Russian PM and most likely winner of Russia’s upcoming presidential elections and Chinese President Hu Jintao on October 12, was described as a meeting that underpinned the mutually beneficial and strengthening friendship between China and Russia and resulted in the signing of essential treaties on trade and other bilateral relations.

Huan Jintao

Huan Jintao

The most important discussions during the meeting, however, didn’t make the headlines of international media. Putin and Jintao reportedly discussed the report, issued by the Russian intelligence service FSB. The FSB report substantiated Chinese intelligence reports issued by China’s Ministry of State Security (MSS). The MSS report was, among others, based on intelligence China received via the former Blackwater operative Brian Underwood. Underwood is currently held in the U.S. on charges of espionage. China reportedly cited Underwood and other “reliable sources” in an attempt to warn Russia of U.S. and NATO plans to initiate a global armed conflict which reportedly had moved from the drawing board to the implementation phase.

Both the Chinese and Russian intelligence sources state that the United States and NATO plans include the deliberate implosion of the U.S. and EU economies and the destruction of the world financial systems. The plans reportedly also include phases aimed at large-scale military confrontations in northern America, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Part of these war plans include the release of biochemical warfare agents which are designed to kill millions if not billions.

The NATO war planners behind this scenario reportedly rely on their ability to sue for peace when the conflict has reached its peak intensity, using this peace as pretext for the establishment of what is described as a “Ne World Order”. This “New World Order”, it would be argued, would be necessary to prevent the destruction of the planet and civilization as we know it. Preparatory stages included among others changes in military doctrine and strategy where the training shifted from counter insurgency to focus on large-scale tank battles.

The FSB report states that the activation of the conflict is to be expected sooner rather than later since the U.S. and NATO pre-deployed 2,000 M1 Abrams Battle Tanks in Iraq and another 2,000 in Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of armored vehicles are already deployed in the greater Middle East and Asia. The FSB perceives this situation as so threatening that it explains in its report, that the only thing that is required for the activation of this war plan was a call for the full mobilization of the U.S.’ 1.5 million Reserves. The FSB notes that their activation can come at a moment’s notice and does not require the prior authorization by the U.S. Congress.

U.S. plans for global dominance go, among others, back to the 1998 Project for a New American Century (PNAC)”One of this think tanks members, the former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, warned in September 2001, that if the war fails to significantly alter the worlds geopolitical map, the US will not achieve its aim to become the worlds only ad dominant superpower.

The war on Iraq was not only based on co-opting its oil. One of the main driving factors behind the decision to topple the Iraqi government was, that Iraq had begun trading the nation’s oil in Euro instead of US-Dollar. The driving factors behind the aggression against Libya was the fact that Libya blocked for the development of the Mediterranean Alliance, lobbied for the establishment of a Pan-African, gold backed currency, and that it had supported the now ousted Laurent Gbagbo in Ivory Coast in his attempt to get Ivory Coast out of the UMEOA and the CFA as regional currency.

TheCFA is a French Controlled currency  used throughout the UMEOA. Control over the national economies of its former African colonies is one of the main pillars for the survival of the French economy. The only country that so far has successfully moved away from the dollar for oil is Iran which ended accepting the dollar for its oil in 2009. One of the reasons why Iran has not yet been openly attacked may be suspicions, whether it acquired a number of x-55, nuclear capable missiles from Ukraine. Although it has been widely denied, there are many Russian intelligence experts who consider i as extremely unlikely that Ukraine delivered the X-55 missiles to Iran without the nuclear warheads.

Another reason why NATO member states are reluctant with regard to attacking Iran is that it is in fact supporting NATO’s aggression against Libya, describing the subversion of Libya as a “revolution”. Many analysts are puzzled about Iran’s position. The tying down of NATO forces in Northern Africa would be a short lived strategic advantage, but a very short lived one indeed.

Both China and Russia are outraged by NATO’s unprecedented abuse of UNSC Resolution 1973 and NATO’s war on Libya. Both the Russian and the Chinese veto of a resolution on Syria must be seen within the context of Russian and Chinese awareness of US and NATO plans to initiate a global war. The fact that the highest US Representative to the UN Susan Rice, left the Security Counsel meeting in protest after the veto, is not exactly signalling U.S. preparedness for the use of diplomacy for settling conflicts.

Recently the government of Pakistan agreed to let 20.000 Chinese troops to enter the Pakistan administrated part of Kashmir to counter an expected US and NATO aggression. Afghanistan has been signaling that it would be fighting alongside Pakistan in case that Pakistan would be attacked by the USA or NATO. Both China, Russia, Pakistan and Afghanistan discussed pressing security matters at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on October 15. Most likely, the US and NATO preparations of a confrontation with Russia and China have been a central point of considerations on the sidelines of the SCO summit. When the Russian Military was ordered on high alert, Vladimir Putin reportedly instructed high-ranking military personnel to “Prepare for Armageddon“.

If the nuclear war clock was set to 5 minutes to midnight in 2007, what time is it showing today? And will the people live up to their responsibility as citizens, to stop rogue networks within criminal governments? Failure to do so, may be the equivalent to failure to save ones own life and civilization as we know it. It is indeed high time that peace-loving people throughout the world begin demanding that laws which prohibit the planning of crimes against peace are enforced by a credible, international, impartial and independent justice system.

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