Gold or Gunfire: Hedging Against the Collapse of the Dollar

Germany_German Gold_Deutsche Bundesbank_NEO_Gold

Christof Lehmann (NEO) : A global economic collapse has become unavoidable, said former chief economist of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) William White in response More...

Hong Kong’s Umbrellas are ‘Made in USA’

Hong Kong_China_Umbrella_2014_NEO

F. William Engdahl (NEO) : The Washington neo-cons and their allies in the US State Department and Obama Administration are clearly furious with China, as they are with Russia’s More...

US Helping ISIS? One Accidental Airdrop vs Billions in Covert Aid


Tony Cartalucci (LD) : The Washington Post would report that the United States military accidentally dropped by air at least one pallet of weapons and supplies that ended up More...

Refinery_Collage_OIL Industry_NEO

Saudi Arabia: on the Verge of Tough Decisions

Victor Mikhin (NEO) : Saudi Arabia is once again in the center of international events. The international community is primarily interested in consequences of Saudis’ adopting More...

Ebola: Cui prodest?

Alexander Mezyaev (SCF) : No matter international emergency countermeasures, the Ebola goes on spreading. Seven states were hit by the decease as of October 25. Liberia, Sierra-Leone More...

Israel recalls ambassador after Swedish government recognizes Palestine

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström. (Photo, coourtesy of Margot Wallström's Facebook page.

Celine Hgabard (IMEMC) : After the Swedish government officially recognized the state of Palestine Thursday, Israeli officials More...

CIA Mouthpiece Lets Slip On Russian ‘Aggression’ in Ukraine

NATO Secretary General  Visit

Finian Cunningham (SCF) : For months now, Western mass media have been in lockstep with the US State Department More...

Asset Recovery_World Bank_ (courtesy Star) Egyptian officials in Geneva seek to recover illicit funds of former regime

TCP : Egypt will co-chair the third Arab Forum on Asset Recovery (AFAR) Saturday in Geneva...

Suez Canal_Egypt_TCP_Youm7 Egypt: Suez Canal revenues hit $469M in September

TCP : The Suez Canal Authority announced in a Monday statement that revenues from the global waterway recorded...

Fed Res Note leg Why Do Banks Want Our Deposits? Hint: It’s Not to Make Loans.

Ellen H. Brown (nsnbc) : Many authorities have said it: banks do not lend their deposits....

Gambling in America: The problem with gambling research

One way to manage problem gambling would be to limit the supply of poker machines. EPA

Cassidy & Livingstone (TC) : Casino gaming is on the rise across much of the developed world, with governments More...

Rosie the Riveter Doesn’t Do Red Carpets She Pickets SF Luxury Hotel

Carl Finamore (nsnbc) : Amid all the bustling and hustling of rush-hour traffic in the center of San Francisco’s financial district,..

Let’s Talk About the American Deep State: Lars Schall speaks with Peter Dale Scott

Lars Schall (LS) : Peter Dale Scott, one of the most perceptive and provocative political-historical thinkers of our time, addresses in..

Indonesia must tackle conflicts between schools and communities


Palmira Permata Bachtiar (TC) : Indonesia’s new Culture and Elementary and Secondary Education Minister Anies More...

India: Fluoride, iron and arsenic levels in Guwahati drinking water pose serious health risks

nsnbc : The concentration of fluoride, iron and arsenic in the Guwahati drinking water has increased to levels where they are..

Will the International Criminal Court prosecute Australia for crimes against humanity?

Amy Maguire (TC) : Independent federal MP Andrew Wilkie has written to the Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal..
Egypt_Artist Bassant El-Qassem - Photo Courtesy Of Bassant El-Qassem Official Facebook Page

Artist paints plus-sized women to redefine Egypt’s beauty standards

Hanan Fayed (TCP) : Encouraging women to appreciate their bodies will help them become satisfied, care for their looks, or lose..
E.Schiele, Zwei Freundinnen

Egon Schiele: the artist who went to jail for drawing The Radical Nude

Anita Taylor (TC) : There are currently four major museum exhibitions around the world that explore and demonstrate the work of..
Green Island_Great Barries Reef_Australia_TC_Kiyo_Flickr, CC BY-NC

The plan to save the Great Barrier Reef is destined to fail unless …

TC : The Great Barrier Reef is in trouble, and a draft government plan to ensure its survival does not go..

India: Gujarat Forest Department Suspects Fluorosis in Lion Population

nsnbc : The Gujarat Forest Department tasked the Anand Veterinary Institute with investigating the finding of a high prevalence of fluorosis..
Pregnant Woman_SP_OC_USA

Facebook & Apple Are Paying Women to Delay Having Children

Susanne Posel (OC) : Facebook has been offering female employees the chance to freeze their eggs by paying up to $20,000..

Vaccines: Penalizing the Unvaccinated?

Tony Cartalucci (Local.Org): Slate has enthusiastically supported vaccinations and in particular, establishment talking points and narratives regarding them, as well as..