The Illusion of Balkan Energy Security

Gas pipeline_NEO_Russia

F. William Engdahl (NEO) : Since strong pressure on the Bulgarian government back in 2014 caused her to stop construction of the Russian gas pipeline, South Stream, that was to More...

Russia, Israel and the Syrian Golan: A Litmus Test for Russia as Security Council Member

Vladimir Putin and Benyamin Netanyahu during a previous visit of the Israeli PM to Moscow. Photo courtesy Mikhail Metzel, TASS

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Moscow on April 21. Netanyahu reiterated last week that Israel plans to permanently annex the Syrian Golan More...

Dangerous Geopolitical Machinations behind Egypt’s Transfer of Red Sea Islands to Saudi Arabia

Tiran_Sanafir_Egypt_Red Sea

Fahwad Al-Khadoumi (nsnbc) : The administration of Egypt’s President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi agreed to transfer sovereignty over the Red Sea islands of Tiran and Sanafir, More...

Queen Rania - Jordan

Jordan’s Queen Rania Visits Greek Refugee Camp Amidst Abuse of Refugees in Jordan

nsnbc : Queen Rania of Jordan visits the Greek island Lesbos on Monday to meet with refugees there. Meanwhile, Jordan has become notorious for abuse of Syrian refugees and provided More...

Chernobyl: new tomb will make site safe for 100 years

Claire Corkhill (TC) : Thirty years after the Chernobyl nuclear accident, there’s still a significant threat of radiation from the crumbling remains of Reactor 4. But an innovative, More...

EU Enemy Within – It’s Anti-Democratic Leadership

Angela Merkel_Tayyip Erdogan_SCF_Apr 2016_Germany_Turkey

Finian Cunningham (SCF) : European Council President Donald Tusk presents himself as a strong leader of the 28-member EU More...

UK embassy in Cairo issues urgent visa to relatives of slain Egyptian national

UK ambassador John Casson - Photo from the UK official website

TCP : British ambassador in Cairo John Casson said that help has been offered to issue entry visa to the UK to More...

China’s President Xi Jinping on a state visit to Zimbabwe. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo How and why China became Africa’s biggest aid donor

TC : The foreign aid arena in Africa has traditionally been dominated by the Organisation of...

Scott Morrison told a joint news conference with Assistant Treasurer Kelly O'Dwyer that the banks would pay an additional $121 million to increase the resources of ASIC. Lukas Coch/AAP Morrison warns banks not to pass on new ‘user-pays’ impost to finance ASIC reform

Michelle Grattan (TC) : Treasurer Scott Morrison has warned Australian banks not to pass on to...

diamond_lesotho Venezuela Poised to Reenter Kimberley Process with Eye Towards New Diamond Mining

Lucas Koerner (VA) : Venezuela concluded a week of meetings with representatives of the Kimberley Process...

American Jews Fighting To End Establishment Support for Israel


Michaela Whitton (AM) : A series of protests across the United States has resulted in the arrests of over twenty More...

SF College Faculty Strike for Justice Stop Class Reductions & Pay Cuts

Carl Finamore (nsnbc) : After one frustrating year of union bargaining, AFT 2121 faculty at City College of San Francisco (CCSF)..

Tributes Paid to Muhammad Salah ‘Internally Banished’ by US for Decades

Michaela Whitton (AM) : Tributes are being paid to a prominent activist and respected leader from Chicago’s Palestinian community. Palestinian-born U.S...

Taiwan Fishing Industry “Out of Control”: Greenpeace

Taiwan Shark Fins, courtesy Eazy Traveler Wikimedia CC 2.0

 nsnbc : Greenpeace reported that Taiwan’s fishing industry was “out of control”, citing More...

SWIFT System Vulnerability Used to Redistribute $81 from Bank of Bangladesh

nsnbc : Hackers who misappropriated $81 million from the Central Bank of Bangladesh may have discovered and used a vulnerability in..

Malaysians must fight demon possession with psychology, not with more “bomoh-logy” or old school shamanism

Azly Rahman (nsnbc) : It was reported last week that several schools in the town of Pengkalan Chepa in the Islamic..
Photo courtesy Jens Dinge, EPA (der.)

Pop Life: how Prince played the music industry

Adam Behr (TC) : When Tipper Gore heard the reference to masturbation in the lyrics to Prince’s Darling Nikki on the..
Screen capture, courtesy Zakir Naik on Facebook.

Between Zakir Naik and Malaysia’s own P. Ramlee: Letting Radical Islamism colonize the nation?

Azly Rahman (nsnbc) : Controversial Indian-born Islamic preacher, banned in the UK is now in Malaysia on a lecture tour or..
Image courtesy Garryknight

Egypt Joins Mediterranean Nuclear Russian Roulette Club

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : In January Egypt began the construction of its nuclear power plant in Dabaa built by Russia’s Rosatom...
The forest is home to around 800 bison. Francesco Carrani, CC BY

Europe’s oldest forest is threatened by a beetle infestation – let nature take its course

Lucinda Kirkpatrick (TC) : Białowieza Forest is the kind of place you imagine from the Grimm fairy tales. Huge firs, oaks..
Proceed with caution when using foil for cooking. Shutterstock

Why you shouldn’t wrap your food in aluminium foil before cooking it

Ghada Bassioni (TC) : If you’re baking fish, roasting vegetables or preparing a piece of meat for dinner tonight, chances are..
Chicken Nugget_Fast Food_USA_SP_OC

USDA Chicken Nugget Recall: Plastic is the Least of Your Worries

Susanne Posel (OC) : The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) stated in a press release that Perdue Foods LLC would recall..